Reminder: CNBC to present ‘MacHEADS’ documentary tonight at 10pm Eastern

Reminder: Following last night’s “Welcome to Macintosh” showing, CNBC’s presentation of “MacHEADS” will premiere tonight, Tuesday, January 5th at 10pm ET.

The Mac community is filled with adoring fans. There’s worldwide excitement and anticipation for “all things Apple.” You’ll meet adoring Apple fans with unwavering loyalty for the company and it’s products. What makes Mac computers, the iPhone and iPods so popular? CNBC’s “MacHEADS” explores the world of Mac, a cultural phenomena that created a cult fan base, made Steve Jobs a modern day hero and generated a multi-million dollar business.

Source: CNBC

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Artist” for the heads up.]


  1. Saw Welcome to Macintosh last nite. Pretty good. For those who missed it, it’s on again on Friday at midnite. And, MacHEADS is playing 6x in the next five days, so you should be able to find a time to watch it as well.

  2. Since when did you become a cult member by simply liking the best product of it’s kind? That’s like saying a cult Tupperware fan (Tupperware is a brand but we refer to all plastic things you put food in as tupperware).

    We’re “die-hard” because everyone else is so dumb for preferring an obviously inferior product. It’s painful to watch the lemmings follow each other so we try to spread the news of a better alternative and get called cult members for it.

  3. @ dxbydt

    So true, but sometimes it pays off.
    I work in Real Estate and trying to get someone to switch to a Mac is especially hard because you cannot access the MLX without IE7. I did however get one guy to switch and I was talking with him about some business yesterday and right before we hung up he said ” Hey, was it you who talked me into getting a Mac a few years back? I said yes, and he replied ” Thank You, you changed my life! Oh Really? “Yes, Seriously, it changed my life.” Felt pretty good!

  4. Apple fan since 1977 here.
    On another note the person that claimed the first order for Apple IIs forgot the Terrell brothers that ordered the first 50 Apple IIs. Conventional wisdom is the Terrell brothers ordered the first 50, Jobs took that order and got a loan to buy the components to build them.

  5. This documentary was a horrible piece of crap. It made Mac users look like idiots and little better than cult members. They essentially focus on a couple of nutcase hippy kooks and predicate the rest of the documentary on them.

    “Ohhh look at us! We’re artist living in dirt and a dilapidated bus and smoking weed and loving our Mac.”

    And from them it’s all down hill like jack asses sitting in line for 48 hours to see a Steve Jobs keynote.

    The only good thing about the documentary is that after proving that Mac lovers are as cultish as you can possibly be, its over quickly.

    Next to “An Inconvenient Truth” probably the worst documentary ever.

  6. I saw “Welcome to the Macintosh” and it brought back great memories of 1984.
    Steve’s words were true then and are true today. The only difference is instead of IBM, it’s Microsoft who is the bad guy.

    @theloniousMac should chill, I am proud of looking like an idiot instead of a GEEK. At least we have fun and enjoy our machines. I also remembered why I really love my Macs, “Their beautiful and they just work”.

    I hope the world of business will understand soon how much more productivity they can get by switching to Apple.

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