eWeek’s Reisinger: 10 features an Apple tablet must have to succeed

“A report has surfaced claiming Apple has ordered 10-inch displays that will likely be used in the company’s rumored tablet PC. Assuming Apple does finally release the Apple Tablet, it will need some features to help it achieve the kind of success the company has enjoyed with its iPhone,” Don Reisinger writes for eWeek. “So let’s take a look at some of the features the Apple Tablet should have when it makes its rumored debut on store shelves sometime in 2010.”

10 Features an Apple tablet must have to succeed:

1. A useful keyboard

MacDailyNews Take: Who gets to define “useful?” People who’ve actually used it for a meaningful period of time? Or, as with iPhone, luddites who are used to antiquated mechanical plastic-buttoned keyboards who’ve never used Apple’s keyboard and only seen one via online photos and YouTube videos?

2. App Store integration
3. A responsive display
4. True Apple design (Customers expect a certain design aesthetic from Apple. The company needs to deliver.)
5. Uniqueness
6. Appeal to enterprise users (The Apple Tablet doesn’t necessarily need to be an enterprise device, but it should appeal to the enterprise.)
7. Apple’s support (If Apple wants the Apple Tablet to be a big success, it had better not treat it [the] way [they treat Apple TV].)
8. iPhone’s intuitive multitouch gestures
9. A 3G option
10. A vision (How does Apple want to market the device? How does it want consumers to view it in the marketplace?)

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  1. The list seems reasonable wiht a few modifications:

    1. Keyboard – as MDN states, who decides what is useful?

    6. Appeal to Enterprise customers – why? If it is great, employees will bring it to work and force businesses to adopt it, like the iPhone.

    7. …not treat it like Apple TV – WTF? Apple TV is waiting for content, which will come soon enough.

    9. 3G option – how 2009. How about a 4G/WiMax option.

    And since I dumped on #6, here is my #6:

    Run OS X with the ability to run iPhone apps. That would be the best of both worlds.

  2. Pardon me for asking, but why does this idiotic article even make the cut at such a classy spot as MDN?

    Have you noticed some of the keys to success on the list?
    2. App Store integration — a given

    3. A responsive display — a given

    4. True Apple design — probably the dumbest item listed

    5. Uniqueness — again, a given

    6. Appeal to enterprise users — really, when was the lat time Apple directly targeted the Enterprise? Do they really need to?

    7. Apple’s support — again, idiotic. Why wouldn’t Apple support their own product, even when it’s classified as a “hobby”?

    8. iPhone’s intuitive multitouch gestures — a given

    9. A 3G option — if its an option then it’s not a deal breaker

    10. A vision — OMG. I can’t take it any more.

    MDN, please do us a favor. Do not link to this type of stuff that adds absolutely NOTHING.

  3. All this great knowledge, using loosely, and yet they can not build a damn thing themselves. They can only comment!

    Talk that means nothing until a shipping product appears and even the great parts of the iPhone they never believed would work or put on a list that would be the killer features needed to suceed in the market. So their it is, worthless info from the unknowning.

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  4. Why is it that people with only 4-5 things to say still have a strong desire to create a list of 10?

    Here’s my list

    1. A screen
    2. A way to “work widdit” (With fingers, stylus, don’t care how. Anything Apple does will be great just don’t make it just sit there… like…. y’know… one-a them photo frame thangs)
    3. No razor sharp edges
    4. Not smeared with poop
    5. No Windows or Linux (I MEAN IT!!!)
    6. No lack of battery (I want to be able to use it without it being connected ta nuthin’)
    7. A back side (Most screens have some sort of back part behind the glassy colory thing. Just want to state that I’d rather it have a back than be some form of exotic shape that has a front, no back and razor sharp two-d sides that might cut ya… see number 3)
    8. Pornable. That is, I have to be able to view porn on it
    9. PORN-able. Really, this one deserves two
    10. No lack of not having a non-Apple logo (Can I make it any plainer?)

    I guarantee that when it comes out, you can look at the list above and see that this PERFECTLY matches it. F’reals, yo.

  5. Heres my top 10.

    1 Its gotta blow the users mind.
    2 Its gotta be addictive and fun to use.
    3 Its gotta blast away the competitors.
    4 Its gotta deter would be cloners from even trying.
    5 Its gotta be very, very useful.
    6 Its gotta make you want to have it with you at all times.
    7 Its gotta be smart and upmarket looking.
    8 Its gotta have universal appeal.
    9 Its gotta be the gadget to be seen with.
    10 Its gotta be really truly amazing.

    See how easy journalism can be!

  6. features an Apple tablet must have to succeed

    It only needs one.

    It IS an incredible device. (Just like the iPhone IS) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smirk” style=”border:0;” />

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