Apple approves iFart Mobile developer’s previously rejected KaChing Button app for iTunes App Store

Year-End Clearance & Tax Saving Sale Apple iPhone and iPod touch owners are now free to KaChing, thanks to today’s approval of Digital Future, Inc.’s application to Apple App Store.

Previously rejected due to “minimal user functionality”, the KaChing Button app (US$0.99) has been slightly modified to meet Apple’s somewhat mysterious criteria and has now been found to contain enough functionality to enter the App Store.

The app features a large green button with a dollar-sign on the face of the button. When touched, the button makes the cash-register “KaChing” sound enjoyed by many business people and entrepreneurs. Like many novelty apps in the AppStore, the app was designed to amuse and entertain. However, Apple previously declared the app unworthy for iTunes.

As a result, app creator and CEO of Digital Future, Inc. Joel Comm created a video appeal to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The video questioned Apple’s seemingly arbitrary approval process and demonstrated several applications in the AppStore with minimal functionality, such as The Hallelujah Button, The Objection Button and Knock on Wood. All of these apps perform only one function. The video received over 40,000 views, was covered by many leading media sources and blogs, and fostered much discussion on the web related to Apple’s approval process.

The development team at Digital Future opted to add functionality to the app in hopes that it would receive approval, By clicking an options button, users may now choose from four different currency symbols for the face of the KaChing Button. Since the KaChing sound is universal, the app now displays choice of dollar, euro, pound or yen symbol. With this added functionality, The KaChing Button crossed the line of functionality necessary to receive Apple’s approval.

“We are pleased that our simple addition of foreign currency symbols has met with Apple’s approval to allow The KaChing Button into the AppStore,” said Digital Future, Inc.’s CEO Joel Comm. “The video for Steve Jobs was intended to cultivate and encourage open dialogue regarding the mysterious app approval process. I can’t say that our app being approved has removed the mystery, but we are pleased that the public is now able to download our application.”

More info and download link via Apple iTunes App Store here.

Source: Digital Future, Inc.


  1. It’s a dumb app, but I suppose they can’t all be like iWork for the iPhone. Wait a minute…where IS iWork for the iPhone? It’s been nearly three years since the iPhone was announced, and we still don’t have a portable version. The iPhone is a powerhouse, so I want to:

    -Run Keynote from the phone itself- videos, slides, and sound can all go to the projector while I have presenter notes on-screen. Oh, and the ability to at least add slides and edit text and photos. Auto sync photos from and to my Mac-based Keynote.

    – Create and edit basic Numbers sheets, including simple charts and graphics. Being able to edit info on the fly would be invaluable.

    -Edit and create text-only Pages docs, and read and edit text of Pages docs with pics and weird formatting.

    -Pribt wirelessly to any major brand printer hooked up to wifi.

    -Use a Bluetooth keyboard for data entry (after all, it can be hooked up to a projector or HDTV; even the Palm III had roll-up and folding keyboards a decade ago).

    Please let these finally come for the iPhone ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. “Apple iPhone and iPod touch owners are now free to KaChing, thanks to today’s approval of Digital Future, Inc.’s application to Apple App Store. “

    The national nightmare is at last over.

    MDN MW: done.

  3. This guy is an ass- period.
    I’m sick of these useless apps.

    Suggestion- instead of just changing bitmaps for dollar symbols- why not show the exchange rate. Create two dropdowns allowing the user to select a country in each, put the “Kaching” in the middle- when the user presses the button- the exchange rate is displayed along with the sound. Or show the stock price of your favorite company- have the button turn red if the price is down- have the button turn green if the stock went up- something.

    Make a better app- not that big of a deal.

    sent from my iMac.

  4. Rike:

    Already got my 15″ MBP (matte), and love it. I just know that the iPhone is powerful enough to do these things, and it’d be nice to nit have to carry it all the time. Besides, there are apps to edit
    MS Office docs on the phone- why not iWork?

  5. It’s a good thing this wasn’t available in September when the President gave his address to Congress on health care.

    I can just see Joe Wilson and the other mouth breathers going wild with the KaChing Button. Gotta admit though, it would have been pretty funny.

  6. @ TT,

    Sorry, that comment was rude, crude and uncalled for. I’m just glad I removed the bit about “knuckle-dragging, inbred rednecks”. That would have really made me feel remorse.


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