Vodafone iPhone UK release date: January 14

Holiday Apple Blowout IV“Vodafone have finally given a launch date for their entry into the iPhone market, joining O2, Orange and Tesco in selling Apple’s market-leading smartphone from January 14,” Tom Phillips reports for Metro.co.uk.

“Likely to be of interest to iPhone customers will be how the networks cope with the strain that iPhone users place on their data capabilities – some iPhone users have been expressing frustration with O2’s data connection, which has been patchy for weeks and, many reported, was completely inaccessible for much of the weekend,” Phillips reports.

“O2 admitted the problem on their official Twitter feed on Sunday night, and promised that service would be restored that night,” Phillips reports. “However, the problem still appears to be continuing today.”

Full article, with prices and monthly plan information, here.


  1. Vodafone begin selling iPhone in Ireland in january, but I know someone taking delivery of a working 16gb next week from Vodafone, at least a month ahead if schedule.

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