Apple releases 27-inch iMac Graphics Firmware Update 1.0

Apple StoreApple today released 27-inch iMac Graphics Firmware Update 1.0 which updates the graphics firmware on ATI Radeon HD 4670 and 4850 graphics cards to address issues that may cause image corruption or display flickering.

The iMac Graphics Firmware Update will update the graphics firmware on your iMac.

More info and download link (683 KB) here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I could be wrong, but I think the back order is due to popularity. When I ordered mine, it was 3-5 days, then I saw the store was saying 5-7 days, then it went up again.

    Mine shipped three days after ordering and arrived a couple days later. This thing is awesome. I can say this is probably the greatest computer ever made in terms of price/performance.

    I have always bought PowerMacs/MacPros, but not this time…..and I am NOT unhappy about the switch!

  2. I’ve had my 27″ iMac from the very beginning (purchased from the local Apple Store). No problems whatsoever . . . but little is ever heard from those with perfect hardware, huh?

    Applied the update this afternoon anyway. Still perfect.

    One would have to pry this machine from my cold, dead fingers to take it away. It is a dream come true.

  3. Is there a difference between a firmware, and a software update?
    Does this mean that the problem is not really the graphics card?
    Cause if it was you’d have to replace all of them I guess.

  4. @cw
    Firmware is located in non-volatile, programmable memory. In the old days this was called EEPROM. Software is loaded into volatile memory (RAM requires periodic refresh to retain contents).

    Wikipedia probably has a better explanation.

  5. “Is there a difference between a firmware, and a software update?”

    Yes- a firmware update has to do with modifying the embedded program on the components of a hardware device directly.

    A software upgrade is at the operating system level- how the OS or a “driver” within the OS ‘talks’ to the hardware device.

  6. What are all of you complaining about? Back in 2005 when apple intruduced the mac mini at macworld jan 2005, I immediately placed my orderwhen they opened the ordering page for it. Wasn’t until April 15th when they invoiced it. I recieved it on April 23rd almost 2 1/2 months. this was the time where They shipped out 10.4 tiger. Since it was invoiced on April 15th, I qualified for the $14.95 update for tiger since my mini came with 10.3.9 Panther it.

    would suk if apple intro something out of this world by the time some of you finally get ur iMacs in 2010.

  7. So, it does have a problem with flicker. Not good.

    With this kind of issue, it takes all the steam out of the claim that what we have is better than the other guys.

    What’s next? Price cuts to compete with Windows machines since this Mac model acts like one of theirs?

  8. The estimated ship time on my 27″ iMac had been December 24th. But I was surprised to get a shipment notice last week an it arrived last Friday, a week early. No problems with flicker or anything else (so far, knock on wood). I went with the i7 processor and 8GB of RAM and the performance (over my 2007 iMac) is remarkable. Adobe CS apps are particularly improved. But my favorite thing is the new magic mouse. HUGE improvement over the previous iteration.

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