Longtime Apple reseller comments on Apple Mac sales, offering iPhone in the future, and much more

Apple Online Store“Kevin Anderson has a unique perspective on the computer industry, and the economy, as the president and CEO of Computer Stores Northwest. Based in Lake Oswego, Ore., it’s the parent company for The Mac Store chain (not to be confused with the official Apple Stores). The independent Apple reseller has locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, including three in the Seattle region,” Todd Bishop reports for TechFlash.

“We gave Anderson a call this week to get his take on holiday computer sales in the midst of the turbulent economy, and the Mac market since the introduction of the new Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system,” Bishop reports. “We also asked him questions about the iPhone, Microsoft Office for Mac, and Microsoft’s retail stores.”

Here are a few excerpts that caught our attention:

Q: We’re now a year into the economic downturn. How are you doing in terms of Mac sales?
A: We’ve fared very well. We’re up from last year overall. We had a very good Thanksgiving sales weekend, and we’re actually looking forward to a pretty busy Christmas…

Q: You’re not selling $250 netbooks.
A: Right. Thank goodness.

Q: You sell iPods but you obviously don’t sell iPhones.
A: Eventually, we will (sell iPhones). They are working on programs to allow independent resellers such as ourselves the ability to sell it…

There’s much, much more in the full Q&A – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. @ MDmac

    Since there are only two MS stores, it would seem to me that either 1) you already the malls where they are located, 2) you live in the general area and were just curious enough to check them out, or 3) you’re a totally wacked out, sicko MS fanboy and wasted your whole week of vacation traveling cross country [both stores are in the Southwest] so that you could worship at the alter of Ballmer’s sweatiness.

    1 & 2, being based on geography, will have limited numbers.

    I just hope 3 is a small number – the mere thought that there are hordes of people like that makes my skin crawl.

  2. This guy is whistling in the dark.

    If he thinks the perfect storm of low-cost netbooks, the new Zune HD, the recent releases of Windows 7 and Windows Mobile 6.5 plus the impending dominance of Microsoft Stores doesn’t spell a massive, calamitous disaster for MAC he’s a totally wacked out, sicko MAC retailer. Hey buddy, you can’t use points on I-Pod, but you can with Zune. Only MAC cultists haven’t noticed.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  3. I bought my first Mac in 1984 from these guys. They have been selling Macs for 25 years and Apple products for longer. Good guys and good at their business. In Portland their stores are doing quite well even though they are competing with three nearby Apple Stores.

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