Microsoft’s grand plan is pure genius

Apple Online Store“I’ve worked it out! I have now deciphered Microsoft’s true genius. And it was staring me in the face,” Mark Webster writes for The New Zealand Herald. “It’s all about differentiating itself from what the Seattle firm has identified recently as a creditable competitor.”

“Last year, Apple’s ad spend vaulted to US$133 million, surpassing Hewlett-Packard and IBM (according to the tracking firm TNS Media Intelligence),” Webster writes. “But Number One, of course, was Microsoft. Microsoft spent US$191 million.”

“Apple’s ads have fared well in ‘the war for consumers’ hearts,'” Webster writes. “They reiterate a common message, clear to every viewer.”

“Microsoft’s ‘Shoe Circus’ ad, in which the exceedingly well-paid Jerry Seinfeld helped the exceedingly well-heeled Bill Gates (the former CEO of Microsoft) buy shoes, really was a circus. It failed miserably with consumers. After seeing the ad, both Apple and Microsoft users polled in New York had more negative perceptions of Microsoft in the areas of innovation, technology, trouble-free design, warranty and pricing,” Webster writes. “I figured this must have been a bad thing for Microsoft at the time … until I figured out Microsoft’s exceedingly cunning plan: that’s what Microsoft wants you to think! How else do you differentiate from a company (Apple) that’s perceived as smart, click, clever, well designed and functional?”

“Microsoft, apparently not wanting to do things by half measures, has taken its approach right to the top of the firm,” Webster writes. “How do you come up with someone who is the complete opposite of Steve Jobs? Jobs is slick, a great presenter who has defined ‘smart-casual’ as top executive dress (hear hear – suits and ties are so last century). Jobs is almost worshipped by the Apple fans and has a clear cut, autocratic style that has stamped its mark on high-quality Apple-badged products for decades.”

Webster writes, “Enter stage right – Steve Ballmer! It’s pure genius! What lengths will Microsoft go to next?”

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MacDailyNews Take: May Steve Ballmer remain Microsoft CEO for as long as it takes!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “iSteve” for the heads up.]


  1. @ChrissyOne
    “I think the photos they’re using on Bing are just smashing.”

    I totally agree that the Bing intro page photos are “smashing.”

    However, did you know that M$ stipulates that they will pay the photographers of those images ZILCH for the use of the images, not even a photo credit listed.

    They pay tons of $$ for moronic ads, but 0 for great photos?? Must be M$ fanboys that are giving away part of their souls to the BORG.

  2. Microsoft strategy is pure genius; They build very problematic products so you have to pay them for support (yes, warranty does not apply to microsoft software), besides that, they make them very difficult to repair and support so they can sell you “Certifications” to support those systems, also they have “Training Labs” so they can charge you for learning how to use their products.
    They also charge a considerable amount to PC makers to put their spam in the computers they sell. When ever they are losing money, they came out with a new OS that does exactly the same as the old one, but they move all the settings and all the cycle starts all over again, support, certification, training to use the same old system.
    Isn’t that genius?

  3. I’ve been sending Christmas cards to the Microsoft management team for years. This year I’m importing one of the photos from my Windows 7 launch party into PowerPoint and I’m going to add a clever headline like “xBox and Windows and Bing, Oh My!” Most years I use Comic Sans but this year I’m gonna try Arial and alternate red and green letters for a more festive look.

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