Jack Nicklaus releases ‘Golf My Way’ app for Apple iPhone and iPod touch

The most popular and largest-selling instruction video in golf history is now available in today’s technology and for future generations of golfers. Jack Nicklaus’ Golf My Way, which was first launched more than a quarter-century ago and just a year ago was digitally re-mastered and released for the first time on DVD, is now available as an app for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch.

All 26 lessons provided on the current two-disc Golf My Way DVD—including One Basic Swing, The Grip, Power and The Putting Stroke—are available on the iPhone app. Viewers will have the ability to continuously return to each individual lesson, as they navigate from one tip to another via an intuitive menu.

The teaching philosophy behind Golf My Way has inspired the likes of Greg Norman, Ernie Els, John Daly, K.J. Choi and 2009 PGA Championship winner Y.E. Yang, and today these timeless tips continue to impact players of all ages and skill levels, but now in digitally re-mastered footage. The enhanced quality of these golf lessons from the Golden Bear will allow players to enjoy improving at the game, no matter if they are beginners or touring professionals.

“Many people of my generation grew up idolizing Jack Nicklaus but they also learned the game of golf, as I did, through my father’s approach to teaching,” said Gary Nicklaus, Vice Chairman of the Nicklaus Companies and a former member of the PGA Tour, in the press release. “My father has always preached that one of the beauties of the game is that it bridges all ages and generations, and because his approach to the game is the same today as it was decades ago, we wanted to provide these timeless tips in a medium that allows golfers or future golfers the opportunity to enjoy and apply them at home, on the road, or on the practice range.”

In 1974, Nicklaus authored what would become the most successful golf instruction book of all time, Golf My Way. The Golden Bear’s easy-to-understand but highly effective approach quickly gained international appeal and Golf My Way became know as the instruction book for people of all generations and all abilities, who are looking to learn the game or to improve their own. In 1983, Nicklaus took the teachings of Golf My Way and recorded hours of instruction for Golf My Way on VHS. The video became the top-selling golf instruction video in the market and last fall was released for the first time on DVD in a deluxe, two-disc set.

More info about Jack Nicklaus’ ‘Golf My Way’ app via Apple’s iTunes App Store (US$9.99 introductory price) here.

Source: Nicklaus Companies, LLC


  1. I can see it now. Duffers swinging clubs at each other because everyone is standing at the tee watching Jack on their iPhones trying to figure out how to tee off with excellence while the others are just getting teed off. Priceless.

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