ThinkFlood’s RedEye turns Apple iPhone and iPod touch into universal remote controls

ThinkFlood has announced the availability of the RedEye universal remote control for iPhone and iPod touch. RedEye is the only complete universal remote control system for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows users to control virtually any home entertainment device from any room in the home.

The RedEye system is easy to use, and set up is simple:

Direct link via YouTube here.

Customers download the free RedEye app from the iTunes App Store, and place the RedEye base station in the same room as the equipment it will control. The iPhone or iPod touch communicates with the RedEye base station through the customer’s wireless network to control TVs, DVRs, stereos, gaming equipment and more.

Customers can download codes from RedEye’s global code database, which is updated regularly. RedEye also has a learning function, which allows users to program commands using an existing device remote.

“We wanted to create something more than just another remote control,” said Matt Eagar, president and co-founder of ThinkFlood, in the press release. “Internet connectivity and future software updates give us a lot of room to think big.”

Benefits include:
• RedEye offers benefits that were previously available only in full home automation systems and high-end universal remotes. Systems that offer similar levels of control require professional installation, technical know-how, or, in some cases, an entire day of frustration. The RedEye base station also doubles as a charging dock.
• Instead of having one remote for every device — or even an oversized universal remote with too many buttons — RedEye customers only need to handle an iPhone or iPod touch.
• RedEye supports multiple rooms, controllers, and users simultaneously. It controls a virtually unlimited number of devices and can store a virtually unlimited number of commands, far exceeding competitive product offerings.
• RedEye offers activity-based control, meaning users can program RedEye to execute a series of commands with only one touch. Additionally, only the buttons appropriate to the activity appear on the screen.
• RedEye users can customize the way they control their equipment with touchscreen buttons, Apple’s Multi-Touch gestures, and accelerometer controls. For example swiping two fingers down the screen can reduce volume and flicking the iPhone forward can change the channel:

Direct link via YouTube here.

RedEye is available through the ThinkFlood website for US$188. More info here.

More info and download link for the free RedEye app is available via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TheConfuzed1” for the heads up.]


  1. I will very gladly pay $99 for an app that turns my iPod Touch into a remote control/remote viewer for my digital camera. (without my camera needing to be plugged into a computer at the same time)


    (Haha! MDN Word: “done”)

  2. The pricing is similar or cheaper than high-end Harmony remotes and yet this looks *far* better. It’s the type of thing I’ve been wanting, but yeah, it is pricey. I’ve put up with multiple remotes because Harmony’s are too expensive and this is out of my budget as well (I need to buy a new A/V receiver before I spend money on a remote).

  3. It’s not the only solution at all. The IRed / IRTrans combo does the same thing. Probably costs about the same, I haven’t checked the latest prices.

    Criticise if you want to, but this is the best money I ever spent. My Mac is a remote, my iPhone is a remote, my wife’s iPhone is a remote. No more tearing my hair out finding a remote. Best money I ever spent.

  4. This app SOOO COOL!
    from Because the RedEye device is in the same room as your equipment, you don’t have to be. Instead, you can control your living room stereo from the kitchen, or turn off the TV upstairs.
    also, see the 1’45” video, “How Does It Work?”
    I can hardly wait to reduce 3 remotes and 184 buttons down to my one button iPod touch—in my pocket, no less! Yahoo!

  5. pretty cool, the only thing is… I don’t have an iPhone.. I wish I did so I could keep things in sync with my mac… its only a matter of time for apple to allow Verizon to have the iPhone or my contract to be up with Verizon.

  6. Alex,

    You can get yourself out of that contract. Go to (or Kiss that Verizon goodbye if you want that iPhone, since it ain’t coming to VZ anytime soon.

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