Apple moves to kill second Psystar lawsuit

Cyber Monday Sale over 400  deals“Apple last week asked a Florida federal judge to kill a lawsuit filed in August by Psystar, saying that the case is a retread of the one in California that has the Mac clone maker on the ropes,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“Failing an outright dismissal, Apple demanded that U.S. District Court Judge William Hoeveler transfer the lawsuit to the California federal court that since July 2008 has supervised the legal battle over Psystar’s practice of installing Mac OS X on its machines,” Keizer reports.

“‘This case is a transparent attempt by Psystar Corp. to relitigate the same issues that Psystar and Apple have been contesting before the Honorable William Alsup on the Northern District of California for almost a year and a half,’ Apple argued in its motion for dismissal, which was filed with Hoeveler on Nov. 24,” Keizer reports.

Full article here.


  1. Apple is scared! Psystar will win this case, you just watch! Then we will finally have superior software installed legally on superior hardware for a third of the price of Apple’s overpriced under powered toy computers.

    Haha just kidding. Where IS the real rattymouse anyways… Hmm, maybe he’s still on hold for Sh**Star support for the past 3 days?

    This has gone on so much longer than it should have. I hope we finally see who has been paying them.

  2. This will be interesting. The CA judge slapped Apple hard about not including Snow Leopard in the case. And I guess there’s no record in the case establishing that the ridiculously obvious fact that Snow Leopard is just another version and introduces no new legal issues.

    OTOH on Leopard, the judge has found for Apple on every single point of infringement. And it’s obvious to anyone who understands anything that the issues with respect to Snow Leopard are exactly the same.

    But a whole nuther judge a whole nuther opportunity for mischief. Forum shopping happens for a reason…

  3. … “But a whole nuther judge a whole nuther opportunity for mischief.”

    I like the use of “nuther” but my Mac’s dictionary and a thesaurus couldn’t find it : ) … but it did suggest “nuttier”

    Which works quite well also.

    … “But a whole nuttier judge a whole nuttier opportunity for mischief.”

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