Analyst: Apple sees ‘brisk’ Black Friday Mac, iPhone, iPod sales

Cyber Monday Sale over 400  deals“Despite Apple offering modest discounts for Black Friday, huge Mac sales for the year’s biggest shopping day have been projected, thanks to third-party resellers,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Analyst Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros. issued a new note Monday that reported low inventory and out-of-stock Macs at many resellers. He said he believes his above-consensus forecast of 2.9 million Mac sales for the December quarter could be low,” Hughes reports. “‘Promotions through third-party retailers including, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target were more aggressive than usual,’ Wu said, ‘with discounts as much as 20% vs. previous years of 11%-13%. Some even bundled generous gift cards (as much as $50 for iPods and $150 for Macs) to entice buyers. So far, many third-party discounts (though maybe not as aggressive) are continuing beyond Black Friday.'”

Hughes reports, “Apple offered modest discounts between 4 percent and 10 percent through its retail stores and Web site, but third-party retailers were more aggressive than usual, likely boosting sales, he said. That pushed Mac inventory to limited or no availability at usually in-stock locations like and Best Buy, Wu said. In addition, he said that foot traffic at Apple’s retail stores was ‘strong,’ and sales of Macs, iPhones and iPods appeared brisk.”

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  1. I’m no marketing genius, but I wonder how many went to the Apple stores (retails or online) to look for something other than what was on sell.

    For example, I wanted a new battery for my MBP (2008), and they weren’t on sale. Therefore, I came out empty handed (yes!)

    Seriously, would it have killed them to offer 6-10% discounts on all items on their store for just 24 hours? I wonder if it would have attracted more sells, moving inventory items faster etc., enough to cushion out for the lesser margins.

    Then again, I’m sure they have a reason not to care for the minorities like me.

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