Apple partially automates App Store approval process

Apple Online Store“Apple recently began using computers to automatically scan for the use of private application programming interfaces. The new automated scan does not change any of the rules Apple has had in place for the App Store: Private APIs have always been banned from use in iPhone software,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“iPhone developers are provided with a number of public APIs that are within the terms of the App Store developer agreement. But there are other, private APIs that are considered off-limits,” Hughes reports. “‘Private APIs are calls and features that only Apple uses, and which they don’t really tell developers about,’ Gizmodo’s John Herrman explained. ‘There could be a few reasons for this: either they specifically don’t want developers to use them, for security or consistency reasons, or they’re not finished and subject to change, which means that for devs to use them would be risky — their apps could just break with the next system update, since these private APIs are, in effect, volatile.'”

Hughes reports, “The new ‘static analysis tools’ aim to catch those who might have snuck by the approval process before, with software that bends or breaks the rules established by Apple. In theory, it shouldn’t change the system for law-abiding developers, but will provide a more thorough analysis of software before it is OK’d for distribution on the App Store.”

Full article, including news that one developer has already been caught up in a “false positive,” here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. I just hope they can avoid anymore debacles like the one last week where they initially rejected an app because some hypersensitive lefty didn’t like how satan’s mistress (Nancy Pelosi) was drawn in a caricature.

    That was yet another indication – as if we needed anymore – that a disproportionate number of libs are far too delicate, precious, and take themselves way too seriously.

  2. Anyone around during the “good old days”, pre Mac OSX, ought to have a finer appreciation of Apple’s stance.
    Programmers quite frequently broke guidelines, and because of it, the OS suffered.

    Lordy lordy, troubleshooting extension conflicts was a PITA.

  3. Well golly, but after reading some of the previous posts, I think I may have to take back everything I said about lefties being too precious and tender. I could not have been more wrong. Ha ha ha…

  4. @Josh- Funny. I didn’t see any mention from them that they were lefties. But assumptions based on stereotypes are truly the mark of someone who didn’t pay enough attention in school and was raised by the TV…

  5. @Josh
    Seeing as you are clearly a “non-lib,” it is no surprise to any independent thinker that you don’t require any sort of actual proof to substantiate your viewpoint. Any old indication will do, whether real, twisted, or entirely manufactured. You are a PC, and you are the one that takes yourself far too seriously. You actually believe that most people care what you believe to be true. You want “libs” to be “delicate” because you can’t stand any real competition.

    You like labels? Obviously so because you are a reactionary obstructionist with elevated pomposity syndrome and a terminal case of self-righteousness. Please feel free to leave the country.

  6. …”because some hypersensitive lefty didn’t like how satan’s mistress (Nancy Pelosi) was drawn in a caricature.”

    Very typical. The app rejection gained fame on conservative media by highlighting one specific image. The whole idea that the Apple rejected the app because of the image of any one specific representative was conjured up in the right-wing media. Nobody in the mainstream (nor left) media objected or commented on any one of the images. So, this ultra-right posse starts loudly fabricating the idea that Apple somehow didn’t like an image of a democratic representative, or that they bowed to the political pressure from someone’s office, and rejected the app. This is very much in line with the “birthers” movement (those who believe we never landed on the moon, those that believe that Sun revolves around the Earth, and those that believe the current US president was not born in Hawaii). They all love to believe in their version of truth, as absurd and ridiculous as it is to anyone with a functioning brain.

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