TomTom car kit brings GPS to Apple’s iPod touch

TomTom has unveiled the TomTom car kit for Apple’s iPod touch which retails for US$99.95.

TomTom car kit for iPod touch features:
• Secure Docking: Specially designed award-winning EasyPort™ mount fixes your iPod touch
Built-in GPS receiver: Built-in GPS receiver turns your iPod touch into a mobile navigation device
Clear voice instructions: Built-in speaker lets you hear every voice instruction loud and clear
Line out for music playback: Using the line out connector you can play all your favorite songs
Rotates for optimal positioning: Rotate the screen for widescreen route display. And it folds flat, so moving it from car to car is easy
Charges iPod touch while driving: Dock your iPod and have it charge as you drive

Specs include:
Dimensions: 5 1/8″ x 2 3/4″ x 2″
Weight: 4.1 oz
– iPod touch 1st generation, 8GB 16GB 32GB
– iPod touch 2nd generation, 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB
Requires OS 3.0 or later
GPS receiver: SiRF star 3
Speaker: 300 to 15 kHz/ 2.0 Watt
Microphone: -44 +- 3 dBv
Operating temperature: -10 to 55 degrees C / 14 to 131 degrees F
Dock connector: 30 pin Apple connector
Audio out: 3.5mm audio out
Volume control
Portrait/landscape support
Windscreen and Dashboard mounting
iPod touch charging via car charger

More info here.

More info and links for the various TomTom apps via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

[Attribution: Electricpig. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. darn… Currently not available through hopefully its just a one time $99.. though for that much you can just buy a tomtom gps that wont get interupted while someone calls you

  2. Received iPhone version yesterday.

    – Loud speaker is really nice
    – Horizontal view is easiest to see
    – Locks onto GPS within 5 seconds
    – Windshield mount works great
    – Re-routes missed turns within seconds
    – Lovin’ text-to-speech
    – Directions are great. But they were before as well
    – Definitely can’t use a case
    – iPhone snaps in and out very easily
    – Build seems top notch

    – When I plug cord from the Car Kit aux jack into into the car stereo I can hear engine whine that drives me crazy. I’ll test it in different cars and different cable to help locate the prob.
    – Pricey at $220 for app and kit. But I’d rather have a GPS that is always with me rather than 2 devices.

  3. Meh. $2.99 for Motion X GPS Drive and ~$55 for a Griffin Roadtrip to do all the things this TomTom car kit does (uses car stereo speakers through the FM for a speaker) works just fine for me.

  4. Since it has line out for music, it would be nice if it sent voice directions over line out and dimmed music during announcements. This way you’d hear it via car stereo system clearly over road noise. I have a hard time hearing my GPS over road noise in the summer with windows rolled down.

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