Chris Pirillo posts Parallels Desktop for Mac 5 review (with video)

Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!Bwana has submitted a screencast to Chris Pirillo that gives an overview of Parallels Desktop for Mac 5.

Pirillo reports, “Parallels is so easy to use that you can literally install Windows with just three clicks of your mouse. Run Windows programs like native Mac applications side-by-side using Coherence technologies. Gain instant access to your files, folders and data across both operating systems with SmartX technologies. And… you can remotely control your virtual machine using the iPhone application when you’re away from home!”

Parallels Desktop for Mac 5:

Direct link via YouTube here.

More info and links in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I downloaded both Fusion 3 and Parallels 5 and tried them both on my iMac (Core Duo – Original Intel – White) and Parallels runs faster and smoother for me. I have a license for Fusion 2 but am thinking of switching to Parallels 5 due to performance. Parallels will give me the upgrade price since I will be switching from Fusion so I am happy. I have been trying this for 2 weeks and Parallels has been very nice for me.

  2. @Jim,
    Here are a couple of reasons:
    1) Test the functionality of our company’s online services for the masses of Windows/IE users. (Vital!)
    2) Play the occasional Windows-based game. (Nice to have.)
    Clear enough?

  3. I own a franchise that requires Windows operating system. I use a Mac at home, but the franchises web site only works on Internet Explorer and requires Windows to be displayed properly with all functionality. It’s a drag, but until web developers stop using features only available in IE, we have no choice but to run Windows.

  4. @ chabig:

    you can turn the menu extras off for Crystal mode. In fact, the new Crystal mode is worth the price just by itself. Windows completely vanishes, no dock icon, nothing to let you know it’s running except for 1 tiny icon in the menu bar for access to the Start menu. It’s awesome. And, you can set the virtual machine to pause when no active apps are running which eliminates about 90% of the overhead. Hands down THE BEST way to run windows apps.

  5. @Planar

    Have you used virtualbox? Just using it myself at work for a day makes it worth it for me to go out and purchase fusion or parallels… I do not recommend virtual box with its horrid bridge networking issues and usb issues.

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