Canalys: Apple iPhone set to become UK’s best-selling smartphone

MacMall 96 Hour Apple Sale“Apple’s iPhone could become Britain’s best-selling smartphone, market watcher Canalys has claimed – and it’s all due to the end of O2’s exclusive on the handset,” Tony Smith reports for Register Hardware.

“Speaking at the Canalys Mobility Forum in London yesterday, analyst Pete Cunningham revealed that the iPhone was France’s favourite smartphone in Q3 2009,” Smith reports. “That, he said, arose because of the ending there of single-carrier sales. And with that now happening in the UK too – Orange has the 3GS and Vodafone will begin offering it early next year – we could see a big increase in iPhone ownership [in the UK], too.”

“In Europe, the Middle East and Africa during Q3, Apple took 17 percent of the smartphone market, second only to Nokia, which took 57.5 percent. But Nokia’s unit shipments were down 10.4 percent year on on year – Apple’s were up 22.5 percent,” Smith reports. “Third-placed Rim saw even better year-on-year growth: 100.1 percent. But it accounted for just 12.3 percent of the market during the quarter, Cunningham said. HTC followed in fourth place with a 7.2 per cent share.”

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  1. When I read the headline I thought it was MDN’s new word for “canned analyst.”

    Too bad the names already taken by someone reputable. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Wow, so an end to carrier exclusivity is leading to a rampant increase of sales? Who’da thunkit?

    But apologists like MDN and Daniel Eran Dilger, ready to lay down and make excuses for a possible ATT exclusivity extension, told us it wouldn’t make a difference.

  3. @R2, the point is there is only so much good news Apple can take on board for the iPhone ie they cannot manufacture enough to meet existing demand, so going nuts and allowing to more carriers would just cause grief.

    Give it time, role out of more carriers – 4G when up at Verizon, and iPhone will harness 50% market share.

    Before end ’12.

  4. In the US, ATT pretty well get iPhone exclusivity by default as iPhones exploit the 3G network. It’s much easier to offer the iPhone across multiple vendors in Europe because all the service providers run modern 3G networks.

  5. My Boyfriend have my “old” 3G iPhone.

    But he wants a blackberry.

    Why ?

    Because his friends use a lot the “Black Berry Messenger, or BBM”. This creates a community thru users and is provided by RIM. It is a bit like MSN or iChat, and permits instant messages everywhere, everytime.

    Personally, this feature is not critical to me. But in his group of friends, many had an iPhone, and they all switched to BB.

    Just to say that it seems important to me that Apple looks after that & fix it (with an iChat app ?).

    I know there is apps for doing this, but none of his friends knew it… It seems here that Apple should offer that standard.


  6. R2,

    Don’t forget: no ATT = no iPhone.

    They took the chance, Verizon told them to pound sand. Your precious non iPhone having Verizon can suck it.

    If it was up to Verizon there never would have been an iPhone. AT&T;needs to up their game on their network but they deserve their exclusive deal, they earned it.

    In 2112 or maybe 2212 Verizon will get one too. Somewhere in there..

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