Apple’s spectacular new Upper West Side store pulls in crowds without the need of special offers

“Apple’s new store on New York City’s Upper West Side opened at 10 a.m. on Nov. 14. Perhaps buoyed by strong earnings results over the past several quarters despite the economic recession, Apple is engaging in an aggressive retail strategy that will see 40 to 50 stores opening worldwide in 2010, according to published reports,” eWeek reports.

“Like Apple’s flagship location on Fifth Avenue, the Upper West Side storefront features a minimalist design, a substantial underground section and a variety of the latest Apple products on display, such as the newly tweaked MacBooks and 21.5-inch iMacs,” eWeek reports. “Snapped over the few hours following the store’s opening, the following image gallery shows how Apple’s brand is capable of pulling in crowds, even without any special offers or promotions.”

MacDailyNews Take: Unlike imitators.

View eWeek’s image gallery here.


  1. Yup I wonder what one would see if they hovered around M$’s two stores for a week. Just a head count ya know. Well… Make that a purchase count too. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I had to take my wife to Tysons Corner Center in Virginia. I thought I’d get a good look at the Apple Store. BooHoo!!!! The refurbished store wont open til the 21st. Driving there is like driving in downtown New York.

  3. The next time you go to an Apple store, pay attention to the number of attractive females shopping in the store. At least here in Northern Virginia, it’s remarkable and I think a huge indicator as to why Apple is doing so well. That’s as mainstream as it gets for a tech/consumer products company. Makes me wish I worked as a genius.

  4. TB2 – you pervert! Okay, I will admit I have thought the same thing! How does a Genius or for that matter a sales representative maintain focus when some of the most attractive woman seem to visit the Apple stores. Smart (they must be, use Apple products) and attractive — wonderful combination!

  5. Hi,

    I was at the store on opening day.

    1. Yes, there were a TON of employees but there were also plenty of shoppers.
    2. The store is really LOUD. You can’t hear the salesmen very well and the music they pump in is really distorted!! Its AWFULL
    3. I don’t see how this store has more computers then the other apple stores. I’ve been to the 5th ave and 14th street locations and I didn’t see to much of a difference in computers. They do have a really large software wall which is nice.

  6. @Dave

    You’re an idiot. It’s a mark of customer service to have a high ratio of employees to customers. Get back to your a elementary school education and learn to add.

  7. “The store is really LOUD. You can’t hear the salesmen very well and the music they pump in is really distorted!! Its AWFULL”

    Lovely. There’s nothing worse than musak, especially over-loud musak. Makes me run a mile personally. What’s it for? I thought Apple would have more class than that..

  8. Someone please post shots of the ms wannabe stores as they look now, on an average day. The Apple stores here are packed, every day of the week, in all kinds of weather.

  9. I saw iPod Touches in action processing payments at the Apple Store in Montgomery Mall, MD, yesterday. Asked the sales guy how they were working out and he said “Great! Much better than the old system.” There you have it!

  10. Gosh! Stop bashing as soon as somehow doesn’t show up with some blind enthousiasm! One can notice a non-100% fanboy thing without behing an enemy. We can be fanboys and yet keep some objectivity!

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