Apple launches new browser-based iTunes Previews

Anyone who’s clicked an iTunes link in the last day or so has likely noticed that “Apple has updated links generated via iTunes to direct to a Web site called iTunes Preview, which gives customers the option to view content without launching the application,” AppleInsider reports.

“Previously, users who did not have iTunes installed were prompted to do so in order to view content. Now, users can share music links via iTunes without the need to launch Apple’s media suite,” AppleInsider reports.

“The iTunes Preview page allows browsing of artists and albums on Apple’s Web site. Artist biographies and similar acts can be viewed, as well as details on song prices and individual track lengths,” AppleInsider reports. “The new Web page also offers album reviews and customer reviews, just like is provided in the iTunes application. Content can also be browsed by genre.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Better late than never. Apple should have implemented this years ago.

Here’s an example of Apple’s new Web-based iTunes preview: Kings of Leon.


  1. But it’s not like anyone other than Windows users with rubbish computers and M$ employees will actually need this… Having said that, it’s gonna make a faster Mac, I suppose.

  2. Actually, this is great and waaaaay late because others who are not allowed to install iTunes on their computers (fed. gov. employees, e.g., not just MS employees) cannot preview iTunes content either. It’s very welcome and very appreciated!!! Question: can we search the iTunes library or just follow links?

  3. This has the huge side benefit of increasing their presence on search engines by tying up a shitload of new popular keyword combinations, buoyed by incoming links from iTunes affiliates. Cha-ching!

  4. Maybe this is a move towards an entirely cloud based iTunes. That is something I would heartily endorse. Oh, sure, leave an option for a desktop (server) based app or database, but being able to access a music library remotely, being able to update it, etc. and simply requiring a wireless connection makes good sense to me…

    But, I know there will be some dumbass retorts, so I will not bother to read them…

    dumbass away, dumbasses.

  5. So, one question…
    if this is targeted at users who cannot or are not allowed to install iTunes, then how exactly do they install purchased songs, apps, video, etc. onto their devices WITHOUT iTunes?

    It seems as though it would be rather limited if it were for window shopping only.

    Maybe Apple has something NEW up their sleeve?

  6. I like this. iTunes opens way too slowly. I hate waiting for iTunes to open and then to wait again for iTunes Store to open. What I don’t like is, with iTunes installed, it immediately begins opening iTunes even though my question is answered on the preview page. Perhaps there’s a setting somewhere that allows iTunes to open only if we click on it on the preview page? I haven’t looked yet.

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