First Boxee hardware device to be unveiled on December 7th

Apple Online StoreAvner Ronen via The Boxee Blog has announced:

We launched our public alpha for Mac/Linux in January at CES. During the show we met with several device manufactures interested in embedding Boxee into their existing devices or building a dedicated Boxee device.

I am very happy to announce we have signed our first partnership with a CE company. At this point we can not say more about the partner or the specs of the device, but we can tell you we are working closely with them to make sure we deliver a great Boxee experience on it.

We will show mockups of the box and share more details at our upcoming Boxee Beta Unveiling event in Brooklyn, NY on Dec 7th. RSVP here.

Over the next few years there will be a great change in the way we consume entertainment on our TV. The Internet is (finally) coming to the TV and with it will come a whole new world of content, applications and innovations.

We are building Boxee as a platform that would:
• make it easy for users to consume and find content – no matter what the source
• give content owners, aggregators, and developers the tools to create unique experiences with a variety of business models
• enable CE companies to enhance their Connected devices

This will be the first connected device running Boxee, but the idea is to provide consumers with a way to get Boxee in their living rooms, no matter whether it’s on a Connected TV, game console, set-top box, BluRay player, computer, etc.

Our goal is to be on every Connected device in the living room.

We are very excited about the partnership and looking forward to sharing more at the event.

Source Boxee Blog

MacDailyNews Take: That day that shall live in infamy.


  1. @jim

    I disagree. Add a USB port for flash drive upload/download, and it’s an epic win.

    Basically, what I want is what you get with a PS3, without having to pay for a game system I don’t want.


  2. Because Boxee is almost everything that the AppleTV should have been. The connected set-top box is a dream that many companies have set their sights on, but it has yet to connect with mainstream consumers. Boxee could be the killer app that finally brings this vision into reality.

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