Fortune names Steve Jobs ‘CEO of the Decade’ (with video)

“The past decade in business belongs to Steve Jobs. What makes that simple statement even more remarkable is that barely a year ago it seemed likely that any review of his accomplishments would be valedictory. But by deeds and accounts, Jobs is back,” Adam Lashinsky writes for Fortune.

“It’s as if his signature ‘one more thing’ line now applies to him as well,” Lashinsky writes. “After a six-month leave of absence in the early part of this year, during which he received a liver transplant, he is once again commanding a 34,000-strong corporate army that is as powerful, awe-inspiring, creative, secretive, bullying, arrogant — and yes, profitable — as at any time since he and his chum Steve Wozniak founded Apple in 1976.”

“Superlatives have attached themselves to Jobs since he was a young man. Now that he’s 54, merely listing his achievements is sufficient explanation of why he’s Fortune’s CEO of the Decade (though the superlatives continue). In the past 10 years alone he has radically and lucratively reordered three markets — music, movies, and mobile telephones — and his impact on his original industry, computing, has only grown,” Lashinsky writes. “Remaking any one business is a career-defining achievement; four is unheard-of.”

Steve Jobs – CEO of the Decade

Direct link to video here.

Lashinsky writes, “After creating more than $150 billion in shareholder wealth, transforming movies, telecom, music, and computing (and profoundly influencing the worlds of retail and design), what should Steve Jobs do next? Given his penchant for secrecy and surprise and his proven brilliance, it’s a fair bet that he’ll let us know when he’s good and ready.”

There’s much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Boom!

(RUMOR: Next week, Fortune plans to name Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer “CEO of the Dismayed.”)


  1. Oh come on. “unheard-of”?

    I think the writer has gone overboard a little.

    I mean, hasn’t this guy “heard of” Edison? da Vinci?

    Just saying it’s not totally without precident : )

  2. I love SJ and agree he’s CEO of the decade but this piece, starting with the camera angles, was annoying and scattered and not worthy of the subject matter.

    Maybe I’m over-caffeinated though…

  3. No mention of the original iMac? Shirley that’s the killer product that started the rejuvenation of Apple’s fortunes…
    (or doesn’t that count as being in ‘this decade’?)

  4. What about Michael Dud, errr I mean Dell? He can be named “beleaguered CEO of the decade” or “Foot in the mouth CEO of the decade” How about “I got whopped the side of my head for talking smack about Apple through my ass decade” theres plenty of titles to choose from.

  5. @disposibleidenty,
    “Oh come on. “unheard-of”?
    I think the writer has gone overboard a little.
    I mean, hasn’t this guy “heard of” Edison? da Vinci?”

    So you are comparing Steve Jobs to Edison and DaVinci?? Wow, I guess it does start now. Those were big people in history. BIG.

    Just a thought,

  6. Well, you COULD possibly compare him to Tesla, although Jobs didn’t really invent nearly as much. His significance may be somewhat comparable, though. As Tesla brought the electricity to the world, so did Jobs bring mobile internet, among many other things.

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