Apple unveils music-themed movie push

Apple has launched “a new marketing and promotional effort designed to drive music buyers to music-themed movies in its video store,” Antony Bruno reports for Billboard.

“The most visible change to the iTunes service will be a Music Movies landing page dedicated to music films such as concert movies, documentaries and music-focused feature films,” Bruno reports. “Additionally, Apple plans to negotiate exclusive access to new music-themed movies to make them available for home distribution on iTunes before the physical DVD makes its way to retail shelves or rental stores.”

Bruno reports, “One of the first exclusives is ‘It Might Get Loud,’ the documentary about guitar gods Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White, which iTunes will offer from Dec. 8-22 before any other outlet. Pre-orders start today. Another is the Kings of Leon concert film ‘Kings of Leon, Live at the O2’ from Nov. 3 – 10.”

Bruno reports, “Apple is [also] expanding catalog of older music-based films with such titles as ‘The Song Remains the Same,’ ‘U2: Rattle and Hum,’ ‘Buena Vista Social Club,’ ‘Don’t Look Back-Bob Dylan,’ John Lennon Imagine,’ ‘Neil Young: Heart of Gold,’ ‘This Is Spinal Tap,’ ‘Purple Rain,’ and ‘The Doors.'”

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  1. This is just padding. Apple are trying to get people to spend their money in more ways. It will appeal to some people I’m sure.

    I would like better ways to find new music. Song tagging whilst listening to internet would really work for me. The iPhone is perfect for that. Listen to the radio, hear a song you like, select it for purchase and DL the song. Rate it then and there and you’re done.

    That would be a paradigm shift for music discovery and increase sales through iTunes dramatically. Most radio stations offer internet versions and some are HD as well.

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