3GS powers Apple smartphone share gains; iPhone rated highest in customer satisfaction by far

A September 14-21 survey by ChangeWave Research provides an up-close look at the impact of the new Apple and Palm (Pre) offerings – along with an update on Research In Motion and overall smart phone industry trends going forward.

The survey of 4,255 consumers shows strong growth continues in the smart phone market, with 39% of respondents now reporting they own a smart phone – up 2-pts since June and nearly double the level of two years ago.

Looking ahead, while the current survey shows a slight dip in consumer buying plans for the next 90 days, that’s to be expected in the aftermath of the huge iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre product launches back in June. A total of 11.6% now say they plan on buying a smart phone in the next 90 days – 3-pts less than in June but still one of the highest percentages ever recorded in a ChangeWave survey.

Current Market Share: RIM (40%) remains the current market share leader among consumers, but its fallen 1-pt since the previous survey and is at its lowest level in two years.

Apple (30%) has seen a huge market share jump since the previous survey. Not only has the iPhone 3GS release enabled them to gain 5-pts overall – for the first time it has also placed them within striking distance of the number one spot in the consumer market.

Palm (7%) lags in distant third place, but ChangeWave notes that this is the first survey in nearly two years where their share hasn’t fallen.

Apple remains the leader in terms of planned buying going forward — 36% of those who plan to purchase a smart phone in the next 90 days say they’ll get an iPhone. RIM is still in second with 27% of planned purchases — up 4-pts since June, but below its percentage (30%) from a year ago. Palm, meanwhile, remains unchanged at 8%.

The Apple iPhone continues to maintain the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry among major cell phone manufacturers — with 74% of owners reporting they’re Very Satisfied with their iPhone.

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  1. And yet the stock is sinking today. News of no tablet? The Verizon map ads? Complaints of Safari and Flash running slow as mud on the new iMacs? What is doing this? MS up and APPL down. Help me understand.

  2. The entire stock market has been tanking since yesterday afternoon when it was announced by Harry Reid that we’re on a path toward single payer health care. The government is taking control of everything and our economy, what’s left of it, will be choked to death by the grip of the beast.

  3. @R2

    Don’t think of government intervention (well US government intervention anyways) as a democratic or republican beast that has you in a chokehold.

    Think of it as more of a massive beast that rolls over on you in its sleep. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. When Apple over takes RIM as the number one smart phone Ballmer will declare it’s a rounding error and that Windows Phone is really number one.
    Microsoft investors should start shouting off with Ballmer’s head now before Apple over takes RIM as the number one shart phone in the US.

  5. Back on topic, that Customer Satisfaction chart should have every other vendor quaking in their boots. And it’s not like they’ve fiddled with the scale or anything, the iPhone really is that far ahead. In fact it has double the satisfaction rate of all but two competitors…

  6. This is the future chart of the Mac tablet vs the Net books.

    Will they count the Mac tablet in the total sales of Macs the way those sub notebooks are counted as PCs? We will see!

  7. @alsoran,

    In the case of R2 & other neocons out there, the answer is “yes”. Religion, economics & politics are all indistinguishable from one another to them. Think of them as the American Taliban, without the running gun battles.

  8. @ Kevin,

    You’d have a great point if the same weren’t true for just as many on the left. It’s just a different religion, different politics, and different economics – all indistinguishable from one another to them.

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