Enderle: ‘Microsoft blindsided vulnerable Apple with Windows 7’

Apple Store“I think the saying goes that those that don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it,” Rob Enderle, “principal analyst,” for The Enderle Group (a “group” which consists of a single self-described “analyst,” Rob himself, thereby rendering the need for the “principal” moot and its very existence sad) writes for TG Daily.

MacDailyNews Take: Those that don’t heed what they’re quoting are in even bigger trouble.

Enderle, of course, continues, “This is likely to point with Apple this month as they sit stunned that Windows 7 is doing so well and they are left looking foolish with products priced out of the segment. Their big news this week was a couple of PCs, a new keyboard and a multi-touch mouse. This last will likely go down in history as one of the lamest devices yet as they should know, given the iPhone, that touch is connected to the screen and not anything else. They likely would have done better putting fir [sic] on the damn thing and building it to fart the star spangled banner at least that would have been patriotic.”

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s Mr. Enderle – most certainly not an “independent pundit” – using a Windows 7 PC touch screen:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

Presto change-o.

Enderle continues, “Steve Jobs and Apple clearly… were completely unprepared for both the quality of Windows 7 and the fact Microsoft has a war chest this time. Their near pathetic recent release of a couple slightly improved PCs and a couple peripherals showcases this. They figured they could easily skate through the next few months because, traditionally, Microsoft would be vulnerable and not able to fight back.”

MacDailyNews Take: Because Microsoft never had any money until today.

Enderle continues, “However this isn’t their only problem. Verizon, Google and Motorola have opened a second front with the Droid iCan’t campaign.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s “iDon’t,” not “iCan’t” and Mr. Enderle is vastly inflating its importance. More on that here: Beleaguered Motorola’s Droid ‘smartphone’ looks to take on Apple’s iPhone with ‘iDon’t’ commercial – October 19, 2009

Enderle continues, “This combination of the Microsoft budget and the Droid attack splits Apple’s resources and focus and makes it vastly more difficult for the firm to respond timely or well.”

MacDailyNews Take: Does he really believe this horseshit or is he just saying it to get paid, to amuse himself, or what? After years of slogging through his punctuation-free jackassery, we lean towards the latter two. Nobody’s really that stupid, right?

Enderle continues, “With Steve Jobs in Apple the firm can respond to threats like this one very quickly but only if they see it coming in time. I think they are likely to repeat the 1995 mistake and that means they probably won’t be either quick enough or effective enough to dodge this bullet.”

Full article – Think Before You Click™ (especially if you value properly-placed commas) – here.

MacDailyNews Take: By the way, it bears repeating that Apple has incorporated Multi-Touch™ into Mac in the correct way, on spacious trackpads and the Magic Mouse, not on a vertical screen where fingerprints smudge and users’ arms would quickly tire in what everyone — everyone outside of the PC box assemblers and Microsoft, that is — calls “Gorilla Arm.” Only Microsoft, in typical half-assed fashion, would take exactly the device designed for viewing and occlude it intentionally when there are far better, far more logical solutions. To us longtime Apple watchers, Cupertino seems to be saying quite clearly, “Multi-Touch™ on the screen only when trackpads/mice are not available/part of the device.


  1. If I was as bad with facts as this guy is, I’d be fired. Or is that “firred”? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. All this means is that Microsoft is in more trouble than he realized and Apple’s momentum is not going to stop. Pundits like to say the opposite of what is true so that they can continue to get paid.

    Microsoft is in more trouble than they realize or care to admit, the next Trojan Horse that no one seems to talk about is that ingenious Mac mini server.

  3. Oh, Apple only puts MultiTouch on its phones. Apple doesn’t know HOW to put it on a computer. Apple is so LAME. Blah blah blah.

    We don’t WANT MultiTouch on our computer screens. Those that think they do have not tried it.

  4. Why do you even offer this tool a comment?
    I don’t really care that his use of English is somewhere short of “precise”, lots of otherwise intelligent, well-informed geeks can’t deal with commas. His opinions are a) regularly foolish and b) seemingly paid for. You give him too much page space here, too much for Google to grab, measure, and provide him bragging rights with.
    My opinion.

  5. This guy is delusional. Now lets but something clear, Windows 7 will be a gigantic success, but not because it’s better than Snow Leopard, but only, and exclusively because it’s better than Vista, and who wants to stick with a 8 year old OS, so your only two choices are abandoning the platform, or jumping on Windows 7, and believe me, their is still plenty of FUD out there about Macs no being serious business tools.

  6. Talk about expensive products– $300 for a reasonably robust version of their OS, and Apple charged at most $129 IIRC and $29 for the latest? Let’s compare apples to Apples here, not cheap crap-filled boxes to boxes designed to be the best.

  7. WOW, Enderle sounds butt hurt… Normally he doesn’t spill so much vitriol. How does it feel to be so wrong Enderle? I think maybe we all need to wait until next quarter results are in before proclaiming it a success 1 day after it’s release… because as of today Microsoft sales are down and they are loosing money (I mean hemorrhaging) faster than they are making it these days. Piracy anyone?

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