Shrewd Apple obliterates Microsoft’s Vista service pack, er, ‘Windows 7’ launch

Apple Store“There is absolutely nothing coincidental about Apple launching new products today. The big product launch is Apple’s first preemptive marketing strike against Microsoft, Windows 7 and the entire PC industry. It’s a bold move exploiting a position of strength against an industry weakened by low-margin, low-priced netbooks,” Joe Wilcox reports for Betanews.

“Windows 7 officially launches in two days,” Wilcox reports. “But what has the geek world been babbling about for the last 24 hours? Apple. Firstly, there were rumors of new iMac, revamped white MacBook, new Mac mouse and updated Mac mini — all products Apple unveiled early this afternoon. Secondly, late yesterday, there were Apple’s blow-out fiscal 2009 fourth-quarter results: $1.67 billion profit and 3.05 million Macs shipped, the majority notebooks. Apple outperformed Wall Street’s consensus, blasting past the econolypse’s effects like it was business as usual.”

Wilcox reports, “Exactly who is talking about Windows 7 today or will tomorrow? Or gasp, on launch day — Oct. 22nd?”

MacDailyNews Take: Luddites with a fetish for freshly-painted antiques?

Wilcox continues, “Apple’s new product release timing is clearly deliberate, designed to pull attention away from Windows 7. But Apple also is looking to pull away Windows PC sales at the high end, where Macs are strongest and PCs are weakest. Surely, Apple executives realize that the PC industry is hoist with its own netbook petard… Netbooks are a plague, because they dramatically lower ASPs and margins and pull away sales from real laptops.”

Wilcox writes, “Yesterday with record Mac sales and today with new Mac products, Apple has declared — at least for holiday 2009 — war on the entire PC industry.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Elsic1975a” for the heads up.]


  1. Ah, yes. TODAY it’s all over the Web about Apple. TOMORROW will be in the newspapers (and more detailed Web articles about Apple hitting on all cylinders). Beautifully timed pre-emptive strike. Well done, Apple!

  2. An Amazing New Apple TV and a 16GB iPod touch with an iPhone 3Gs type Camera would just kill all Windows 7 News Buzz.
    It would be like oh and Microsoft released Windows Vista 2 or 7 or something unimportant today.

  3. Wilcox is embarassing himself. Apple’s earnings release date is like clockwork. It’s the same week as last year. What is his problem? And, of course, Apple does release new product in as many quarters as possible, to keep up the buying momentum, and in order to maximise the impact, they tend to launch new product close to the beginning of a quarter. Not always, but if they can manage it, they do. I mean, these products are not going to launch before the back-to-school buying season, as they like to use that to move out old inventory. Product launches are very predictable nowadays, and they are not predicated upon MS.

  4. @Hee, hee
    If you are stuck with Windows, any time that they miraculously manage to get Windows to suck less, (even just an itsy bitsy less) it is reason to party. Have another drink! It helps you to .. .. .. .. .. forget.

  5. I have to say, the analyst-speak in that article sounds completely contrived to me. Apple launched the slew of new products less because of Windows 7 and more to do with the iMac et al being ready – especially after the earnings report to investors.

    People planning for Windows 7 will probably buy it on the 22nd regardless of Apple’s moves in the market, to be honest. As such, those buyers don’t constitute much of a threat to Apple’s overall business as other consumers will have set out beforehand (plus current Mac users) to buy the new products from Cupertino anyway.

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