Apple board member Arthur Levinson quits Google board

Google announced today that Dr. Arthur Levinson has resigned as a member of the company’s Board of Directors, effective immediately. Levinson has been on the Google Board since April 2004.

In Google’s press release Google CEO and Chairman (and former Apple board member himself) Eric Schmidt described Levinson as a good friend and valued colleague, ‘Art has been a key part of Google’s success these past five years, offering unvarnished advice and vital counsel on every big issue and opportunity Google has faced,’ Schmidt said. ‘Though he leaves as a member of our Board, Art will always have a special place at Google.’

‘Working with Eric, Larry, Sergey and the whole Google team has been a remarkable experience for me. I greatly admire what they’ve built and have no doubt that Google has a terrific future,’ said Levinson, in the press release.

Source: Google Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple or Google? Levinson made the right choice.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JES42” for the heads up.]


  1. I’d say battle lines are forming.

    Either way, the boundaries between Google and Apple need to be clear and precise. I expect them to be competing against each other more and more as hand held technology continues to develop. Google wants to be there, and Apple has already staked out it’s vision.

  2. @Botvlnnlk
    i second that! maybe now that even the “experts” are admitting that the earth is in a cooling trend (despite the continued increase in CO2) the sheeple following gore and his ilk will wise up to the scam

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