“Windows 7 boots slower than its unloved predecessor, Vista, a PC tune-up developer claims,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld. “The claims by iolo Technologies, a Los Angeles maker of PC software, contradict Microsoft’s boasts that Windows 7 starts up faster than Vista.”

“According to iolo’s tests, Windows 7 starts up 42% slower than Vista — one minute, 34 seconds versus one minute, six seconds — on a brand new machine when the time trials are run to the point where the machine is usable, at least by iolo’s standards,” Keizer reports.

“Windows 7 seems to start faster than Vista, says iolo, with its time-to-the-desktop measured as around 40 seconds,” Keizer reports. “But iolo measured startup as the point where the computer is ‘fully usable,’ with a low load on the processor.”

“Iolo also says its tests indicated that Windows 7’s startup times, like Vista’s, degrade over time. After several ‘commonly-used’ applications have been installed on a new Windows 7 box, for instance, its boot time — again, as measured by the company — slows to two minutes, 34 seconds, an increase of 64%,” Keizer reports.

“Over an even more extended span, Windows 7’s boot times get more sluggish than that: By the end of a simulated two-year period, Windows 7’s startup times increased more than 330%,” Keizer reports.

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MacDailyNews Note: As we wrote earlier today: “Windows rots. And we don’t just mean that’s inferior to our Macs, but that also over time, in the hands of everyday users, it clogs up, slows down, and generally deteriorates. Let’s give Windows 7 the time it needs for its inherent issues to begin showing up.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]