Report: Verizon decides beleaguered Palm’s Pre is a no go

Apple Online Store “Palm’s Pre phone isn’t making the cut at Verizon,” Scott Moritz reports for “The Pre, Palm’s premier touch-screen smartphone, which has been an exclusive offering this year at Sprint, had been scheduled to arrive at Verizon in January. But people close to the discussions say Verizon has decided not to support the Pre.”

MacDailyNews Take: Now, is this because Pre units fall apart in users’ hands, they have no apps, the device’s antique mechanical keyboard is permanently stuck in vertical position, the company’s run by unethical moochers, and Pre is just not selling very well, or for some other reason(s)?

Mortiz continues, “The move would be a dramatic setback for the up-from-the-ashes Palm story. The company desperately needs to secure more telco partners to sell its flagship phone… Reached for comment on Verizon, a Palm representative says the company has never named Verizon as one of its partners.”

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like an admission to us.

Moritz continues, “If the snub is true, the move would also be a reversal of Verizon’s position in May, when wireless chief Lowell McAdam told investors the Pre was coming in six months. Sources did say that Verizon could be more delicate about the decision and order just a small amount of Pre phones with no intention of lending much marketing support.”

Mortiz reports, “The reason for Verizon’s change of heart on Palm has to do with several factors, say these sources. The fact that the Palm Pre has not been the blockbuster in sales that it was expected to be is one problem… Another snag is Verizon’s VCast, its applications and mobile media download service, …is in direct conflict with Palm’s app store.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone. PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.Palm CEO Ed Colligan, commenting on then-rumored Apple iPhone, Nov. 16, 2006


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dale S.” for the heads up.]


  1. I use to work for VZW they have everything dissabled so u have to pay for everything in their horrible vcast store. Palm pre would actually gave been one of the best phones they could have had besides the iPhone

  2. “Another snag is Verizon’s VCast, its applications and mobile media download service, …is in direct conflict with Palm’s app store.”

    Wireless providers should be nothing more than conduits (i.e.: ISP’s) for information & data, but no, they want to be nickel & dime their customers to death (by 1000 cuts).

    Like the music cartels, they want to extract every penny they possibly can while their current business model is still viable.

    Earth to Verizon, the ‘jig’ is up. Good luck in the future.

  3. Verizon, you stupid sons of bitches. This has nothing to do with sales of the Pre, it’s about the fact that Palm wouldn’t make a customized version of webOS in ugly red where everything is purchased through the VCast store. It’s the same reason why they foolishly rejected the iPhone.

    If Verizon hasn’t changed their ways then all hope is lost of ever seeing an iPhone on their network. Damn them to hell.

  4. I love how MDN has a huge KICK-ARSE ARCHIVE of quotes from these executives (that seem to know it all) ready to unload at any given opportune moment! ….such as this one!


    MDN = FTW!

  5. “or for some other reason(s)?”

    It could be that Verizon is afraid that an iPhone look-a-like might put a strain on their fragile data network. Not that it could, but Verizon doesn’t know that.
    Remember Verizon is the one that passed on the iPhone, they’re not very good at predicting the future.

  6. It’s mostly about control – Verizon does not want to be “just the pipes.” Therefore, people hoping for a Verizon iPhone will continue to be disappointed. And Apple will continue to do just fine without Verizon.

  7. LOL, it’s all good. Verizon wants crap phones that it can control, aka limit, completely. Palm is stuck with Sprint. People don’t realize how before the iPhone, the carriers had all the control. They told the mfrs what to put on and in the phones. And, it seems Verizon still wants to.

  8. The pre interface in inefficient to say the least, it makes me sick! And I was hoping for something good from palm it’s been a long time coming, they have obviously lost sight of what’s important, I would rather use a zune than a pre that’s saying alot

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