Apple’s camera-equipped iPods delayed?

“A person with a strong track record in predicting Apple’s upcoming product launches said that the iPod maker experienced technical problems with the cameras months ago,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “The person said that it was uncertain whether the new hardware, which has been widely expected to debut at Wednesday’s ‘Only rock and roll’ media-centric event, would make the cut for early September.”

Hughes reports, “It is unclear whether the debut of iPods with cameras has been scrapped from the Sept. 9 event entirely, or if the products will simply not be available for sale for some time after an unveiling.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Today is Labor Day in the U.S., Labour Day in Bermuda and Canada, the NASDAQ market is closed, and we will have limited posting today. See you tomorrow when the excitement really ramps up ahead of Apple’s special event which is scheduled for Wednesday, September 9 at Yerba Buena Center For The Arts in San Francisco starting at 10am PDT. Happy Labor Day to everyone celebrating the holiday and, to everyone else, have a happy day, too!


  1. If problems had come up “months ago,” and they had not been resolved, why would Apple schedule their usual iPod refresh event for 9/9 and announce it just a week or two ago? Apple is a hardware company. They are not going to dedicate a whole media event just to announce some music deals and new iTunes features.

  2. So let me get this straight. Apple announces a huge event knowing that they have big problems with the hardware, All of the iPod supply is drying up and everyone has cases ready. It sounds like something Nokia, Palm or MS would do, but it would NEVER happen with Steve Jobs at the helm. When the new iPods are released with cameras on Wednesday, I would go ahead and take that guy off of the “reliable source” list.

  3. And on another subject, MDN… an interesting fact is that Bermuda, being sort of British, is enjoying Labour Day, so this means that us UK folk can also excuse ourselves from tech news, so please don’t fret over us. If you see what I mean.

  4. If Apple was having manufacturing problems months ago, I seriously doubt they would have scheduled this thing for Sept 9th. Two weeks ago when they announced the date they would have known if they could make it, otherwise the date would have been, say, Oct 9th.

    Ain’t buying this rumor.

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