InfoWorld reviews Apple’s Mac OS X Snow Leopard: ‘Worthy update to the king of operating systems’

“Numerous usability enhancements and important reengineering under the hood make Snow Leopard a worthy update to the king of operating systems,” Tom Yager reports for InfoWorld.

“If the question on your mind is whether to buy Snow Leopard, Apple has made it a no-brainer,” Yager reports. “The price — $29 for a single machine license, $49 for a pack of five — brings overdue sanity to runaway client OS pricing. Owners of Intel Macs should consider Snow Leopard a must-have because it’s optimized for their hardware to an extreme that Apple could not approach before.”

Yager reports, “This is an upgrade that most users will feel more than see. Some users, such as the visually impaired and developers of performance-sensitive applications, will now see the Mac as the only rational platform choice. For everyone else, Snow Leopard is a total rush, a shot of adrenaline to a platform that was already perfect in design… Everything about Snow Leopard is noticeably faster. Booting, waking from sleep, shutting down, scrolling in Finder, logging in and out, Quick Look document previews, app launching, PDF rendering, searching with Spotlight, and browsing with Safari rank highly among everyday tasks that run significantly faster in Snow Leopard.”

Full review here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. AppleKing:

    No reason there should there be lines for a system upgrade in the first place, especially when anyone who wants it can and probably has ordered it for delivery straight to their doorstep weeks a ago.

  2. There was a line for Snow Leopard at 10:30am in the Columbia, MD Apple Store. All of three people long when I joined it, but the store is dedicating staff to handle SL sales while the rest are focused on routine traffic.

  3. “waking from sleep”
    lol, I have 20 years using PCs and I have never see a Windows computer being able to wake up from sleep.
    The rare times in which I managed to wake up a windows computer, I can not manage to have all the devices work again until I restart the computer.
    The iMac in my home takes only 5 seconds to wake up and you can use perfectly as if it never went to sleep.

    Mac OS was already lights years ahead of windows with Tiger, this Snow Leopard is the “Tiro de gracia” to windows.

  4. Finally a review that extols this properly!

    Re-doing the entire OS is no small feat. Kudos to Apple for undertaking this. You can bet they will leverage this excellent accomplishment very soon with new products that will rocket past anything else out there. Very exciting!

  5. I have a 4 1/2 year old iBook G4, not Intel. This new Snow Leopard makes the temptation to upgrade very attractive.

    Rumor that the iMacs are about to be refreshed, loaded with SL. Think I’ll spring. Been needing a big screen desktop. No longer traveling a lot. A big screen blazing fast desktop coupled with the iTab on the go would be perfect.

  6. Windows XP SP 3 does wake up from sleep but only if you use the sleep button on a keyboard with a dedicated sleep button.

    At least in my Windows experience.

  7. …’Tiger, this Snow Leopard is the “Tiro de gracia” to windows.”

    In English, they usually use the French translation of the expression, coup de grâce (“blow of mercy”, or merciful killing).

  8. What I wonder is whether SL is going to go through 8 or 10 point releases…

    Seems unlikely given that it is already optimized from Leopard. Or else maybe they just drag their feet and release a point every 2 to 3 months over the next two years while using their software chops on iPhone OS and Tablet OS.

    Now that seems likely.

  9. @pocket, good on you!
    @@pocket, ‘chuffed’ is good (in Britain and Australasia at least)

    And agreeing that Tiger is a great upgrade over Panther. I did the same for my daughter’s eMac last year and she was stoked!

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