Apple: iPhone Vonage app’s approval delayed due to technical issues

“Approval of a request by Vonage to distribute a mobile VOIP application through the Apple App Store has been delayed by technical issues with the Vonage software, a spokesperson for Apple said in an interview this afternoon,” Eric Savitz blogs for Barron’s.

“‘They submitted an application for review,’ said Apple spokesperson Natalie Kerris told Tech Trader Daily. ‘There are some technical issues [with the code they submitted] that hopefully can be resolved.’ Kerris did not elaborate on the nature of the issues with Vonage’s application,” Savitz reports.

Vonage’s response to Apple’s statement on the status of the proposed app: ‘We can confirm that one of our prospective applications is for the iPhone. They identified one issue stating that it is ‘simple to fix.’ The issue is cosmetic and relates to the labeling of an icon. We’ve made the requested change and resubmitted the application for approval earlier today.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good thing Vonage didn’t use their own service or, in our years-ago experience, it would have sounded like, “We we can can confirm confirm that that one one of of our our prospective prospective…”

After reading Savitz’s report, it’s obvious that latency works both ways. wink


  1. Odd, as I have had ZERO problems with Vonage after being signed up with them for well over a year. For considerably less money than I paid for just a dial tone from AT&T;, I get an incredible number of features, great reliability, excellent sound quality, and if I ever have problems (almost always due to Charter’s spotty service) all calls forward to my cell automatically.

  2. Technical issue = ATT pressuring Apple and Steve Jobs crying uncle.

    Jobs was either a moron to limit iPhone only to ATT or else Jobs was less the marketing genius by failing to rally other carriers to sign up with Apple. Either way the myth of Jobs’ greatness is only too apparent. Don’t be surprised, he is only human.

  3. Vonage depends heavily on the bandwidth and overall quality of the Internet service. If that’s bad, or doesn’t give VOIP services priority, then it seems as though Vonage is bad when it isn’t. Every problem I’ve had with Vonage was traceable to those issues. Other than that (which can be a MAJOR issue), I agree with Jim’s assessment and can recommend Vonage services.

  4. You wrote, “Comment from: Incredible
    Technical issue = ATT pressuring Apple and Steve Jobs crying uncle.

    Jobs was either a moron to limit iPhone only to ATT or else Jobs was less the marketing genius by failing to rally other carriers to sign up with Apple. Either way the myth of Jobs’ greatness is only too apparent. Don’t be surprised, he is only human.”

    The only “moron” is the person who doesn’t understand business basics, nor does any research on the history of iPhone negotiations, so he completely misinterprets who did what to whom.

  5. Thinking with yer rectum – again.

    So, explain oh-great anus, supreme portal of poop, and great fetid gateway of feces, how the iPhone is not technologically capable of VOIP. After your explicit description of the technological short comings of VOIP for iPhone explain why these defects persist.

  6. I’ve also had Vonage for over five years and it has worked great for me as well, absolutely no complaints. Good service quality and good customer support. As others here have said, they offer a number of “killer” features, like email voice mail (transcribed as text, no less!), all for an unbeatable price.

    MDN should be more careful with its flippant comments, just as MDN would wish people were more careful about flippant comments regarding Apple.

  7. @Incredible

    The iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone business in the United States. Steve Jobs undertook the herculean task of turning an entire billion dollar industry 180 degrees and get it moving in the right direction. Yes, being an AT&T;customer stinks, but you have to start somewhere. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

    We could all only wish to be as moronic as Steve Jobs.

    Go troll somewhere else. Or at the very least, strive to be an intelligent and creative troll.

  8. My Vonage service has been stellar and I have never experienced the problem to which MDN alludes in their comment. I do experience intermittent problems with Skype, however. Too bad, VoIP seems to be in its adolescence; perhaps when it matures its voice will stop breaking.

  9. Someone needs to come with an app where the iPhone will jump out of your hand, bitch slap ‘Incredible,’ and return to your hand. I’m thinking someone with indigenous Australian ancestry.

  10. I have been using Vonage for over 5 years! never a problem

    I am in Mexico, and use a USA (Florida) number, what is really great, If I need to make a call within Mexico (domestic long distance), I can use Vonage to make an international call (USA to Mex) for 1/3rd the price of using our Mexican land line.

    I use TruPhone on my iPhone, and am very pleased with it also

  11. A few years back, it was not unusual to hear more people complain about Vonage. Interesting how the posts here show what a change there has been. HotinPlaya is not the only one in Mexico to use it. I talk to several people in Mexico who use it. It makes it simple (and free) to call them using my own Vonage lines. But, as mentioned, the better the ISP & bandwidth, the better it works. There are times when its quality is bad. But it has never been a Vonage issue alone. And a call to my ISP to be have them correct the problem has always worked. Vonage is rarely the issue. I recommend Vonage.

  12. I am a Vonage customer as well and just like many of you here am very pleased with the service.

    The only missing link is that I don’t yet have an iPhone or any cellphone. I do plan on correcting this in the coming weeks.

    Only the iPhone offers the best functionality and ease of use. Just look at how all the other cellphone manufacturers are scramblng to emulate the iPhone.

  13. I use Vonage at home (6+ years) and at work (for ⅓ the price of my old POTS line) and have zero issues. Even better they offer uber cheap toll-free lines and simultaneous ringing of phone calls to my iPhone, and, when driving, the OnStar phone in my truck.

    As has been happening more and more often recently MDN has been breathing the vapors from where his head is stuck up his ass.

  14. The point here IS that Vonage’s quality is a hostage of your internet service. The moment your internet goes down, or is bad, you got no phone. The moment power goes down in your house (or building, or block, or town), you have no phone. This is simply unacceptable, from the viewpoint of someone who had a landline for the last 50 years. We are all conditioned to landlines working ALL THE TIME. When there was that big black-out in the North-East of the US, some six years ago, landlines were still working. When 11 September happened, cellphones were down, even the internet was down for many in the downtown Manhattan, but Verizon’s landlines continued to work.

    As great (and especially as cheap) as Vonage can be, it can never ever hope to achieve the reliability of an ordinary landline — a concept almost 100 years old.

  15. Predrag, you’re correct. Old landlines can stay up & working. Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that their current “landline” operates differently. Some now rely on boxes that plug into power. They seem like a landline, but aren’t. Even the “regular” landlines now are often tied into different technology that can itself go down. I agree that having an old-fashioned “regular” landline is a really good backup. But people can now buy the minimum service package for it so that they can have it as an emergency backup, as you suggest, while still using the cell phone or Vonage for their everyday heavy use. Most people (or at least many people) today have more than one phone service. Vonage is not our primary phone. Our cell is. But we recognize Vonage’s features are very valuable.

    Clearly, the vote here is at least 10 (so far) for Vonage and 1 (MDN) opposed. No one said it is their exclusive service.

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