InfoWorld debuts ‘no-junk’ business iPhone apps finder

A trip to the Apple iTunes App Store reveals an endless array of iPhone applications. And filtering by the store’s broad categories such as “business” doesn’t do much to help business users find apps they may want.

To address this issue, has launched its “No Junk iPhone Business Apps Finder,” an interactive listing of Phone apps of use to professionals, businesses, and IT staff. The online tool lets people sort apps by more specific categories than the Apple store provides, as well as by name, price, and release date.

The service has no cost and is available here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. hmmm… not a pleasant GUI.

    I hope Apple delivers a beter App Store navigation soon. There have to be some hidden gems somewhere in those 60.000+ apps, but sometimes it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

  2. I agree with Bart. It’s been discussed here before how friggin’ cluttered the App Store has become. Shopping there is walking into a monster flea market looking for a specific item and having to wander around incessantly trying to find just the right thing.

  3. Agreed. The original App Store format/structure has not scaled well. Apple needs to place a high priority on improved navigation and customer feedback.

    However, despite its flaws, it is a tremendous step forward. Would you prefer to go from store to store scanning shelves of boxed titles? There are many sites on the web that evaluate/rank iPhone apps for various purposes. Once you identify the app that you want, the rest is easy.

  4. @ MacBliss,

    Even if it was only 50,000 that’s still orders of magnitude more than the nearest competitor, and Apple’s the new kid on the block. They have dramatically blown past everyone else in a matter of 12 months, they have more apps than all their competitors combined who have been at it for well over a decade in several cases, and several decades if you combine them all.

    Quite a feat, and very embarrassing to everyone else in the game.

  5. “filtering by the store’s broad categories such as “business” doesn’t do much to help…”

    Couldn’t agree more! I would have thought developers would be making a bit more noise about it. The iTunes app store is extremely poorly laid out. I’ve plain given up trying to find anything. Just try looking for audio recording apps (under “Music”); you’ll be inundated with crappy Band apps, fart noise generators, and other useless junk.

  6. Agreed; on several issues.

    The layout for this site is awful and it doesn’t list anything!?

    The AppStore needs an overhaul. A better rating system, better organization, better search and sorting. I’m hoping that some of these improvents come in iTunes 9.

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