TMZ posts iPhone photo of Apple CEO Steve Jobs taken today

“Steve Jobs is back to an Apple a day — and we’ve got the proof,” reports.

“TMZ obtained this photo of the Apple co-founder leaving company headquarters in Cupertino, California around 3:00 PM today [July 29],” reports.

“BTW — this photo was taken on an iPhone,” reports.

Full article, with larger, uncropped photo of Jobs with Jonathan Ive, here.


  1. Good grief. Can we give the guy some privacy?

    I don’t want to hear any more speculation on this subject. It’s done.

    Considering he was in a hospital bed for days and had an organ transplant just weeks ago, I’d say it’s a good sign to see him behaving normally no matter what his weight.

    Let’s give the guy a chance to recover a while.

    And please, no more disrespectful comments.

  2. @Big Als MBP
    Who knew Jonathan Ive was so fat?
    Ive looks normal, which in America is at least a little fat. Jobs looks so thin. it’s the comparison.

    Does the iPhone camera also put 10 pounds on the subject?

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