CNET Australia reviews Apple iPhone 3GS: Unmatched by the competition, Editors’ Choice

Apple Online Store CNET Australia has reviewed Apple’s new iPhone 3GS (32GB).

“The combination of its fantastic browser, the full-featured iPod media player and Apple’s App Store forms a compelling trio and are together unmatched by the competition,” Kent German and Joseph Hanlon report for CNET Australia.

“Adding an ‘S’ to the end of the iPhone 3G may have given us one of the worst mobile phone names next to the LG Cookie, but there’s no denying the extra speed in executing applications,” German and Hanlon report.

“The camera upgrade is more than a higher pixel count, with auto focus and auto colour and white balance, the voice recognition chip is an excellent improvement and the speed bump is immediately apparent,” German and Hanlon report. “We’ve had a few problems with the iPhone 3GS so far, some may say major issues including reception and battery life, but this doesn’t detract us from enjoying the world of mobile computing at our fingertips.”

German and Hanlon report, “And this is what the iPhone is now and what the competition is scrambling to become: a mobile computing platform. Apple doesn’t make the best mobile phone, but the iPhone is today’s best mobile computer with built-in telephony. This is due, in part, to the device itself, and in equal measure to the excellent App Store and the mind-boggling level of support it’s received from developers around the world.”

Full review here.

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