Apple’s iPhone propels touchscreen technology into golden moment

New MacBook Pro“Touchscreen technology is having a golden moment,” Stephanie N. Mehta reports for Fortune. “Fueled by the success of Apple’s iPhone, various wireless phone makers have introduced their own touch-screen devices… (Gartner Research estimates 50% of all smart phones will be equipped with touch screen by 2012.)”

Mehta reports, “Every digital company — and quite a few upstarts — are racing to deploy touchscreen technology. PC and cell phone makers are hoping touch screens will prompt consumers to upgrade their gadgets — and even pay a premium for such hands-on computing.”

“In a January 2009 report, Amy Leong, a research director at Gartner notes that touch screens are permeating ‘every aspect of our digital lives,’ including television remote controls, refrigerators and portable media players,” Metha reports.

Full article here.

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