RUMOR: Intel to launch 34nm NAND SSDs in two weeks

MacBook Air - The Thinnest Notebook  “Rumors are growing louder that Intel will be launching new SSDs based on the firm’s 34nm NAND chips within just a couple of weeks. Previous reports had said Chipzilla planned to come out with its new 34nm flash memory drives in Q4, but that timetable has been nudged up,” Sylvie Barak reports for The Inquirer.

“Solid State Drives (SSDs) have been around for a while, but their high costs, limited capacities and sometimes questionable reliability have ensured the drives have remained somewhat niche. But this is all about to change, apparently,” Barak reports.

“We’ve been told that with these new 34nm NAND SSDs, users can expect higher performance, higher capacities, and most importantly, lower prices,” Barak reports

Full article here.

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