1080p capable iPhone closer than you might think

“While the Apple masses continue to bask in the glory of the iPhone’s much improved camera, not to mention its new ability to record video, a recent development might shed some light on what features Apple might include in future iterations of the iPhone,” Edible Apple reports. “Imagine shooting 1080p quality video right from your iPhone.”

“OmniVision, the company that supplies Apple with the 3 megapixel cameras it uses in the iPhone 3GS, announced on Thursday that its latest 5 megapixel OV5650 Image Sensor for mobile phones is capable of capturing HD video in 1080p quality at 30 frames per second,” Edible Apple reports. “At 720p, still HD mind you, the sensor can capture video at 60 frames per second.”

“As it stands now, the current iPhone 3GS records video in VGA quality at 30 fps, but as was reported last week, an examination of the iPhone 3GS processor revealed that it was in fact capable of capturing video in 720p. Apple presumably didn’t enable 720p because doing so would put the processor through the ringer and obliterate battery life in the process. Also, HD video isn’t too storage friendly, and with the maximum capacity iPhone coming in at 32GB these days, concerns about the practicality of 720p were probably taken into consideration as well,” Edible Apple reports. “Luckily, by the time the new sensors begin shipping, the above issues will undoubtedly be less of an impediment.”

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