T3 reviews Apple iPhone 3GS: ‘A great piece of kit’

Apple Online Store “The first thing to note about the new iPhone 3GS is that it’s essentially the same handset as the iPhone 3G, with a few tweaks under the hood. When we say tweaks, we mean an upgraded processor to around 600MHz, (up from the 466MHz in the previous iteration) improved 3MP camera with autofocus, video recording and a digital compass, too,” Gareth Beavis reports for T3.

“Most of the upgrades (if not all) are in some way down to Apple pushing for even more outlandish and amazing Apps, with the new tools meaning developers can dream up better add-ons for your phone,” Beavis reports.

“Google Maps has finally received an upgrade as well, thanks to the implementation of a digital compass meaning you can now orient yourself as well as finding you location,” Beavis reports. “This is simply turned on by double, rather than single, tapping the ‘My Location’ button, meaning should you exit a tube with no idea which way the pub is, the iPhone will stop you wandering aimlessly looking for the right street.”

Beavis reports, “Overall, the iPhone 3GS as a standalone phone is a great piece of kit. The improved processor can definitely be felt on the internet and opening new applications, as well as helping speed things up on photography… if you’re in the market for a new iPhone then it’s definitely worth the extra cash, especially if you go for the massive 32GB memory option, too.”

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