How to tether iPhone 3G via AT&T – no jailbreaking required

Buy a Mac, Get a FREE Olympus 10MP Camera“During the WWDC keynote, AT&T was strangely absent from Apple’s list of carriers that will support tethering in iPhone OS 3.0. AT&T has since explained that it will support tethering later this summer, but many iPhone users are champing at the bit for the added functionality. If you’re one of the eager masses, use this how-to to enable tethering on any iPhone running iPhone OS 3.0–without jailbreaking–but only with a Mac,” David Martin reports for CNET.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: You can follow Martin’s instructions or you can skip down to the much simpler instructions from “gointoscott” in CNET’s comments section under the article. We tested “gointoscott’s” instructions and set up our iPhones to tether via both USB and also via Bluetooth (elegantly cable-free) within minutes.

Buh-bye NetShare, you’ve served us well.

(We’re keeping our Verizon EVDO cards and service for the time being until we see how this shakes out.)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Alec” for the heads up.]

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