Opera ‘reinvents the Web’ with new ‘Unite’ media, file sharing service

“Norway’s Opera Software opened a new, free service on Tuesday [called Opera Unite] that enables simple sharing of personal computers’ pictures, files or music with anyone on the Internet,” Tarmo Virki reports for Reuters.

“The new service, which the company has said would “reinvent the Web” is part of Opera’s Web browser, enables direct downloading from personal computer to personal computer and removes any need for data storage at servers in the middle,” Virki reports. “Files can be viewed with any browser.”

“Similar technologies have been available before for tech-savvy consumers, but these have required downloading separate software, paying usage fees, or a long process of uploading content — limiting take-up of the services,” Virki reports.

“Opera has built some sharing services for photos and media into the browser but has also opened up the platform for any developers to build their own sharing services,” Virki reports. “‘We believe it is the revolution of the Internet. We see this as a disruptive technology for Internet services in the next one to five years,’ Phillip Gronvold, product analyst at Opera, told Reuters.”

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Opera Unite:

Direct link via YouTube here.

More info about Opera Unite here.

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