Study: Apple iPhone users richer, younger, more productive than other so-called ‘smartphone’ users

“iPhone users are richer, younger, and perhaps even more productive at work than those who use competing smartphones, according to a new study released Friday,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The study ($750 fee) from independent market analysis company Forrester Research suggests iPhone users comprise the elite upper class of smartphone customers. The data was compiled from 32,228 working U.S. adults in 2008,” Hughes reports. “It found that those who own an iPhone are typically more active on their phones and more connected to the internet than those who fell into generic ‘smartphone’ or ‘mobile phone’ categories.”

“The study, compiled by Ted Schadler, found that iPhone users are ‘more than twice as likely to access the Internet from their phone as working BlackBerry, Palm, or Windows Mobile device owners.’ The research was inspired by anecdotal comments from companies such as Kraft Foods and Oracle that implied employees have a personal drive to use an iPhone at work, even when one is not provided by the employer,” Hughes reports. “The research suggests that an employee with an iPhone could be more productive: Those who carry Apple’s handheld device are more likely to stay connected to their employer’s network.”

Hughes reports, “Among the study’s other findings: iPhone users are younger. 30 percent of iPhone users in 2008 were of Generation Y, a larger portion than the rest of the smartphone market. iPhone users are more educated and affluent. 49 percent of iPhone users have a college education, and 67 percent earn more than $70,000 a year.”

Much more in the full article here.

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