Apple set to revolutionize the technology industry yet again?

“In the 12 years since Steve Jobs came back to work at Apple, they’ve delivered eight amazing announcements which revolutionized existing businesses, threatened established industry leaders, and changed the way people think about technology,” Mitch Wagner reports for InformationWeek.

Apple’s 8 Revolutionary Announcements:
• 1997: The Return Of Steve Jobs
• 1998: The iMac
• 2001: Mac OS X
• 2001: The iPod
• 2003: The iTunes Store
• 2006: Apple Transitions Macs form PowerPC to Intel
• 2007: iPhone, (Bitch! – MDN Ed.)
• 2008: The App Store

Wagner writes, “Eight game-changing announcements. 12 years. Two in one year: 2001 saw the introduction of Mac OS X and the iPod. Given that track record, it’s understandable why Apple fans are disappointed in any announcements that aren’t gamechanging.”

“But that’s an unreasonably high standard. Even Babe Ruth didn’t hit a home run every time at bat. Apple’s WWDC announcements are a solid array, and that should be enough,” Wagner writes.

“My gut feeling is that the predictions of an upcoming tablet announcement are correct. It will be announced this year, priced between $500 and $1,000, have a 7-10 inch touchscreen display, and run a controlled group of applications from an App Store. Think of it as an iPod Touch with a much bigger screen,” Wagner writes. “It will combine the functions of iPod Touch, netbook, e-book reader, and portable video player, and revolutionize the technology industry again.”

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