Microsoft’s ‘Laptop Hunters’ campaign starting to change perceptions among 18- to 34-years-olds

“Apple may have some of the most interesting online ads we’ve seen in a while, but Microsoft’s recent push to paint the competitor as pricey is starting to work, according to data from BrandIndex,” Abbey Klaassen reports for AdAge.

“The perceptions of value the two brands offer has shifted dramatically in the eyes of 18- to 34-years-olds since Microsoft began running its ‘Laptop Hunters’ campaign in late March. Apple’s ‘value perception’ has fallen considerably, while Microsoft’s has risen,” Klaassen reports.

“Based on daily interviews of 5,000 people, BrandIndex found the age group gave Apple its highest rating in late winter, when it notched a value score of 70 on a scale of -100 to 100 (a score of zero means that people are giving equal amounts of positive and negative feedback about a brand). But its score began to fall shortly after and, despite brief rallies, hovers around 12.4 today,” Klaassen reports. “Microsoft, on the other hand, has risen from near zero in early February to a value-perception score of 46.2.”

“To determine a brand’s value score, BrandIndex asks consumers whether they believe they get a get good value for their money,” Klaassen reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: For Microsoft, ignorance is indeed bliss. It’s the very reason they exist. The fact is: Apple doesn’t want the type of customers to whom Microsoft is selling “cheap” because those customers are themselves cheap ignoramuses, not to mention being PITAs to deal with and service. They’re way more trouble than they’re worth. They don’t buy software or accessories, either. Because they’re cheap.

It’s better to leave the ditzes and vacant soccer moms shown in Microsoft’s commercials with the Dells, HPs, and the rest of the PC box assemblers of the world, driving down their quality and service reputations in a futile headlong race to the bottom. “Sell ’em a netbook! Oops, we just lost $15 on that sale. Hey, at least our market share numbers will look good!”

There’s nothing new here. It’s as it’s always been: Windows is the poor man’s Mac.

Smart people understand the Mac value equation.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]

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