Apple attacks Microsoft Windows PC headaches, poor customer care in 3 new ‘Get a Mac’ ads (w/ video)

Apple premiered three new “Get a Mac” ads on U.S. prime-time broadcast and cable television networks on Tuesday.

The first ad, “Customer Care” highlights how Mac users have Mac Geniuses available to help them, but poor “customer care” is all PCs can offer:

In “Elimination,” PC tries to match Megan with a PC, but, alas, Megan wants something “that works without crashing, or viruses, or a ton of headaches,” so she ends up with a Mac:

In “PC Choice Chat,” PC hosts a radio show in which callers ask questions about personal computers without viruses and which computers come with great customer support like Mac Geniuses:

You can also see all of these ads and others in various sizes via here.

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