Microsoft tries peddling music subscriptions, claims ‘it costs $30,000 to fill an iPod’ (with video)

MacDailyNews reader “Lomoco” points to Microsoft’s latest ad, this time for something called a “zunepass.” We’re not sure what this “zune” thing is; doesn’t ring a bell.

Anyway, Microsoft has Certified Financial Planner Wes Moss explaining that to fill an iPod from iTunes, “it costs $30,000.”

This is the same argument, multiplied by 3, that was used by Napster for their “Napster To Go” subscription service. Remember, “Do The Math?” It ran during Super Bowl XL in 2005. No, really, it did. Napster claimed $10,000 to fill an iPod (the top iPod had smaller capacity back then):

Direct link via here.

Anyway, this whole “how much to fill an iPod via iTunes Store” idea worked so well for Napster that the ad itself placed dead last in the 2005 Ad Meter ranking of Super Bowl XL spots and, after circling the bowl for years, then desperately hiking subscription prices 30% (another lovely perk of subscription plans: pay hikes at the whim of the outfit trying to run the scheme that you have to pay or you lose your music), eventually Napster had to sell the company to Best Buy after fending off a takeover from an ice cream store owner. Seriously.

Here’s a quote Microsoft has obviously never heard: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana, 1905

Here’s Microsoft’s ad:

Direct link to video via YouTube

MacDailyNews Take: Again, if you stop paying your $14.99 per month (or whatever they decide it will be down the road) your music stops dead. Except that you do get to keep 10 whole songs per month thanks to the oh-so-generous Microsoft and the music cartel. So, let’s do the math: In order to stop paying monthly fees and match the 30,000 songs that you’ve supposedly loaded into your iPod (which actually came mainly from your CDs and perhaps “other” sources) with this “zunepass” thing, you only have to live for 250 years. That’s just a quarter of a millennium, so shaddup and have a little patience! Oh, yeah, 250 years at $14.99 /month equals $44,970. What a deal!

[Attribution: Engadget. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lomoco” for the heads up.]

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