Apple’s iPhone is a game changer for software developers

“The emergence of Apple’s iPhone and its phone-less sibling, the iPod touch, as hand-held game consoles has started to change the dynamics of the $40 billion game software industry. In addition to making titles for the iPhones, publishers are studying the thousands of games already available, figuring out what works and applying those lessons to more traditional games,” Alex Pham reports for The Associated Press.

“It’s not just the device that’s having an effect,” Pham reports. “It’s also Apple’s App Store, an online marketplace where users can browse through 25,000 software applications from thousands of publishers.”

MacDailyNews Note: According to Mobclix, there are currently 34,259 apps in Apple’s iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod touch.

Pham continues, “EA, which is releasing 14 iPhone titles this year, is starting to explore how iPhone apps can be an extension of its larger games, said Travis Boatman, the Redwood City company’s vice president of mobile studios.”

Full article here.

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