‘yadaSay’ App for Apple iPhone, iPod touch offers quick translations between English and Spanish

BioAuthorize has launched its first application in Apple’s iTunes App Store under the Utilities category.

Known as “yadaSay,” the company’s application for the iPhone and iPod touch is an app that translates free-form phrases between English and Spanish and helps users learn the pronunciation of those phrases as well. yadaSay provides both text and audio translations for the user with the ability to save and email the translations and converse in different languages with persons nearby and far away.

yadaSay was granted final approval by Apple, Inc. for offering in its Apple Stores on March 24, 2009, and sales of downloads of the application at $0.99 each began that same day.

The company expects to add additional languages for translation, which will be included in the same application and accessible through a simple download update of the application. The development of other applications is being discussed and evaluated by the company.

How yadaSay works:

• Tap the appropriate flag of the United States or Mexico and then tap translate from and translate to as you desire to select the languages between which you wish to translate. In the white display box type in your phrase to translate from. yadaSay quickly translates the phrase and displays the text of the translate to language in the scrollable blue display board. All of these functions appear on the same page.

• Tap on the yadaSay it button to play the audio translation. Audio is always spoken in the appropriate dialect. Tap the yadaSay it button to continue replays of the audio translation at your convenience.

• Tap the save button and you can replay the audio phrase at a later time.

• Tap the translations button and the screen flips to the page of Translations which lists all of your saved translations each of which you can tap to replay.

• Tap the email button and send the text and audio translation to anyone in your contact list or email address that you may desire. The recipient will have the text translation and the ability to hear the audio translation for 72 hours after receiving the email.

More info via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “David” and “Chris” for the heads up.]

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