RipDev’s InstallerApp is like iTunes for jailbreak apps; plus no need to jailbreak your iPhone

“RipDev’s InstallerApp is an application for your Mac (soon to be available for Windows PCs as well) that allows you to download iPhone apps on your computer and transfer them to your device over a USB connection. If that sounds a bit like iTunes for jailbreak apps, well, that’s because it is,” Dan Moren reports for Macworld.

“Fire up the app and you’ll get a list of the thousands of iPhone apps available from non-App Store sources… Via InstallerApp you can search for programs, browse by category… and, yes, install applications on your phone. InstallerApp will also check for updates to programs you’ve already installed on your iPhone,” Moren reports.

“The kicker for InstallerApp is the developers’ claim that you can use it to install the iPhone Installer app without jailbreaking your iPhone, which would make it possible for non-App Store applications to live in peace alongside those distributed via Apple’s official means,” Moren reports.

Full article here.

Milind Alvares asks for Smoking Apples, “Is it worth the $7 price it commands? Or is installing apps via the iPhone a better way to go?”

Alvares reports, “Verdict: InstallerApp is not yet ready. This application should have stayed under private beta for at least another month. Maybe they thought with iPhone 3.0’s release soon approaching, delaying the release might prove to be costly. Maybe they are right. But that doesn’t mean you and me [sic] will pay $7 for non-working software.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Chris Z.” and “Edward W.” for the heads up.]

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