Ten reasons why Windows Mobile 6.5 sucks

Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky presents ten reasons why Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 disappoints:

1: It’s exactly the same as Windows Mobile 6… er, 5
2: The interface improvements are still way behind the curve
3: The UI tweaks are mostly just skin deep, and third-parties have already gone way deeper
4: It doesn’t support capacitive touchscreens
5: It’s not due out until “later this year”
6: You probably can’t upgrade your phone
7: No Zune integration

MacDailyNews Take: Well, that really would be an issue… if anyone actually had a Zune. (rimshot) Thank you, thank you… We’ll be here all week.

8: Where’s the keyboard?
9: The browser is still weak
10: It doesn’t innovate in any way

“Instead of stepping up to the plate and trying to do anything daring, new, or even remotely innovative, Microsoft has shrunk from taking chances and delivered a new phone OS that’s not simply more of the same, but more of the same dressed up to look like something new. While scores of their competition in the mobile space are working new angles to improve the user experience and change attitudes about what mobile devices can do, Microsoft has taken a bare minimum approach, likely satisfied that a new coat of paint and some minor flash will keep consumers coming back for more,” Topolsky writes. “Unfortunately for the company, they may find reactions from even their base might not be what they’re expecting.”

Full article here.

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