Microsoft intentionally uses Mac in Songsmith promo video in attempt to create viral coverage

“Earlier this month, Microsoft Research released Songsmith, a song-making app that works only on Windows. To promote the app it released what might very well be the worst promo video ever, featuring a girl singing in front of her laptop about how great Songsmith is,” Erick Schonfeld reports for TechCrunch.

Schonfeld reports, “Besides just being painful to watch (see for yourself below), the laptop she is using to show her Dad how to use Songsmith is a Mac!”

Microsoft’s Songsmith promotional video:

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Trusted sources tell us that Microsoft’s marketers intentionally used a Mac in order to inspire viral coverage from bloggers who would “discover” that they used a Mac. In his full article, Schonfeld hints at it, too, writing, “Maybe they knew that would be the only way anybody would bother to watch the video.”

Obviously, Microsoft has noticed that “Microsoft uses a Mac to make their ads” articles just so happen to increase the viewing of their ads. This is precisely why we did not do just such an article when this video was brought to our attention last Friday. We immediately suspected that, in this case, Microsoft’s marketers used a Mac on purpose. We’re covering this now because our sources have confirmed Microsoft marketers’ attempted deception.

Yes, on some level, Microsoft’s deception still worked; we’re showing you the video, aren’t we? We do so in order to report that we believe Microsoft’s marketers have intentionally used a Mac here, not “mistakenly” or “ignorantly” used a Mac and we wanted you to know. We have no information on whether or not they intentionally tried to create “the worst promo video ever.”

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