Apple iPhone’s superior interface

“Over the years, I’ve seen countless newbies struggle to use the latest gadget, computer, or software. I like new technology, but it’s been work hauling myself up learning curves,” Stephen Shankland writes for CNET.

“But I’m convinced that after years stuck with only modest tweaks to the WIMP interface — windows, icons, menus, pointing device — real change is upon us. That’s chiefly because the pointing devices now can be your own fingers,” Shankland writes.

“Within moments of his first crack at an iPhone, my son, Levi, [age 3] had figured out how to flip from one photo to another by flicking his finger across the screen,” Shankland writes. “He understood with no coaching how to steer the simulated steel ball around the holes in the Labyrinth game by tilting the phone. He loves to type nonsense words on the notepad application using the virtual keyboard, deleting them once they’ve been read. In the three months since I got the iPhone 3G, Levi has learned to take photos, browse them, change the phone’s wallpaper, and, unfortunately, turn off Wi-Fi and switch on airplane mode. My proudest moment came when Levi issued his first tweet.”

“As a parent, of course, it’s tempting to assume that Levi’s accomplishments are the result of his astounding intelligence. But of course much of the credit has to go to Apple and others who’ve advanced the state of the interface art,” Shankland writes.

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  1. That is the same age my grandson was when I got my phone, and he did about the same.

    He now scrolls through the six pages of apps I have to find all the games, look at pictures, take pictures, watch videos, and answers calls if he recognizes the photo.

    He is 5

  2. The iPhone is the absolute best “I’ve got at least 20 more minutes in this line and I need my kid to shut up” device ever made. Works wonders on my 5, 3, and even 1 year old old. Better than any toy I’ve ever bought them.

  3. He’s absolutely right…my almost 5 year old tells me how to do it…it’s like he was born knowing how.
    That is the ultimate compliment to real interface design…just wait until he can actually read.
    Jobs said the iPhone was 5 years ahead…now I think people are starting to believe it. The copycats just can’t get it right…especially Blackberry. Says it all.

  4. Hey, Q
    No porn on the iPhone, but I do have a very nice video of TheRealMayo dancing that he watches.

    BTW, he has a Wii and a DS Lite but still wants to play iPhone games when I show up.

  5. Apple is far ahead on just about everything right now.

    I was just talking on the phone last night to a friend of mine who owns a Windows PC but admires OS X and will probably get a Mac next time. We talked about the oodles of redundant code in Windows and both agreed Microsoft is going to have to scrap it and start over.

    That’s when it occurred to me: It’s taken Apple a decade of constant upgrades to get OS X like it is. It’s not like Microsoft is going to be able to to just whip a new OS out of thin air and have it be as refined as say, snow leopard will be.

    OS X is the best operating system out there — on laptops, desktops and in the palm of your hand. Believe it.

  6. Well, I think I have most of you beat. One of my son’s first sentences was, “Where’s iPod touch?” He’s 2 1/2. He loves to play Cro-Mag Ralley (though he doesn’t do too much), watch videos, play the with the MotionX dice, make the car crash in JellyCar, and a million other things. I had to buy a second iPod touch for my three kids for Christmas because they were always hogging mine ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Seriously MDN… Do you edit out comments you decide are useless?

    Personally I think my missing comment was far from as it provided relevant information that wasn’t included in your portion of the article. I genuinely wanted to know how old the kid was without having to go to the actual story.

    Go delete the comments that really don’t belong, like “don’t eat the yellowsnow.”

  8. @Me

    They must have added the age of the kid [age 3] appears now, so relax and stop finding things to nit pick at. If I ran the site and someone commented about wanting that and I added the info I might delete the (now irrelevant) comment.

    As Conan would say “It’s cool baby…”

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