RUMOR: Apple’s new Mac mini ready for launch

“When it comes to the Mac mini, there are people out there who know everything there is to know… and now, those savvy sources are telling TUAW that they are confident a new Mac mini is set to be announced at Macworld Expo 2009 next week,” Steven Sande reports for TUAW.

“While many details are still vague — we still have no idea if the dimensions of the new mini are at all different from the existing model — some details are starting to emerge,” Sande reports.

Details such as an optional second internal hard drive in place of a SATA optical drive and the new mini’s case will be composed of “black plastic and aluminum,” Sande reports.

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  1. Sounds good I was thinking of replacing my old imac G5 with a new imac. I have since been thinking how nice it would be to have a larger screen.

    So what you think of a new mac mini with a 32 or 37 HDTV? Good combo or what?

  2. But, Ryan, if Steve jobs is the ubermensch of Apple, Inc., and if only he can lead the company to its promised Olympian heights, how is it that the Mini exists at all? Shouldn’t it have been squashed immediately following its initial release, much like the Newton and eMate, if His Steveness hates it?

    Or . . . could it be that others in his company actually have a voice in Apple’s direction, focus, marketing, and product development? And if so, why is everyone so damned terrified that he might someday pass the torch to one or more of those aforementioned “others”?

    Just musing . . . .

  3. Ed: I have my current core duo mac mini plugged into a 37″ HDTV and it has worked out quite nicely. Quite flexible.

    The only thing to remember is that a 37″ HDTV will have nothing like the resolution of even a 30″ Apple display.

    Even a 1280p HDTV will have maximum resolution of 1920×1800, while the Apple 30″ display is 2560 x 1600.

    If you are going to use a mac mini + HDTV setup in lieu of an AppleTV it works out quite nicely. If you are planning to use the HDTV in lieu of a large, high resolution LCD monitor then be prepared to buy a lot of Excedrin with your HDTV.

  4. I just saw a Compaq at Wallmart for $398 with LCD monitor in the box. I know about Apple’s higher quality standards, but I don’t see why $499 can’t buy you a complete Mac system with monitor. Is microsoft paying Compaq to include Vista or something?

  5. Ed, you can get some pretty good monitors with FullHD resolution (1920×1080) or greater (1920×1200) for a good price.

    In fact, I just bought 2 ViewSonics. A 26″ (1920×1200) Pro model VP2650wb ($565 Amazon) and a 22″ VX2260wm (DVI, VGA and HDMI) for $270 (OfficeDepot before $40 rebate). They’re both quite nice… I use them for VectorWorks CAD & 3D work… but the speakers in the 22″ are pure crap, my MacBook Pro speakers are MUCH better… seriously! Yeah, both have MATTE screens!

    Samsung makes good 24″ and 26″ models (1920×1200), too.

    As for the mini, now that I have a Sony Blu-ray player (thanks santa!) I want to add a mini to my HDTV setup for Netflix and viewing photos.

  6. I hope that update or not, the Mini’s price will be lowered, perhaps to a $399 or $449 model, and a $599 and $649 model. I think that regardless of higher quality, etc. consumers are too hesitant right now to buy a computer for $600 that does not even come with a monitor.

    While it’s something to say that people know they are buying a better machine with the Mini, the Mini is clearly marketed towards the resource-limited or non-tech-interested buyer. I think that a much lower pricepoint is necessary to entice them, because with the added expense of a monitor, mouse, etc. the purchase will still easily total $600-800. (assuming they are not buying an apple Cinema screen) I just think in this economy no one is going to buy a $600 computer without a monitor.

  7. I have 2 friends that have Mac minis attached to their HDTVs. One of whom uses it as his only computer. If not for the lack of Blu-Ray, the new one would make the ideal home theater setup.

    The Mac Mini is the most unique product in Apple’s lineup. It also has the broadest range of applications.

  8. An MacMini connected to an HDTV could work as a media server for both iTunes content and services such as Netflix.

    Apple need a compelling reason for people to buy into their video related products. The iPhone and iPod products use the popularity of the music and phone services to sell. The AppleTV doesn’t have that advantage.

    Netflix has a credible service. I just bought a BluRay player that has Netflix built in. I can get content on demand with my regular subscription.

    The AppleTV is limited to iTunes. The iPod was successful because it did not rely on Apple supplied music. Apple needs to make the AppleTV or MacMini to use any video service if they want to make it successful.

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